[tw5] A TiddlyWiki "GraphViz Server" (?)

The GraphViz plugin is pretty awesome, but it does increase the size of a TiddlyWiki instance by about 1.5 Mb’s.

Not something I want in every TiddlyWiki instance of mine.

Which got me thinking: what if I had one TiddlyWiki instance that acted as the “GraphViz Server” to all my other TiddlyWiki instances?

That’s my latest TiddlyWiki interest.

A TiddlyWiki that get generate a GraphViz diagram based on input from some other TiddlyWiki, and that can be used for creating/editing ad-hoc and stand-alone GraphViz diagrams.

“Server” first. Then a simple tiddler that can be added to any TiddlyWiki for sending graph requests to the “server”. (Maybe “embedded graph generator” makes more sense than “server”.)

Mash-up prototype of GraphVizServer and GraphVizEditor:
Screenshot 2022-08-25 7.35.08 PM.png

“Phase 1” done: TW GraphViz Server — a project by Charlie Veniot

Full link details to show embedded graph: https://cjveniot.neocities.org/TiddlyWiki%20Projects/TwGraphVizServer.html?graph%20{%20a%20--%20b%20[color=green];%20a%20--%20z;%20b%20--%20c;%20a%20--%20c;%20%20d%20--%20c;%20%20e%20--%20c;%20%20e%20--%20a;}#GraphURL

For now, cobbled together manually by concatenating in the web browser’s URL the following pieces:

  • https://cjveniot.neocities.org/TiddlyWiki%20Projects/TwGraphVizServer.html

  • graph { a – b [color=green]; a – z; b – c; a – c; d – c; e – c; e – a;}

  • #GraphURL

(Try cobbling together some test URL’s with different middles to that URL sandwich. I haven’t tried any others, and I’m betting that I’ll need to handle some GraphViz syntax that will break URL’s.)

Without knowing for sure what I want to tackle next, I know I will need:

  • A tiddler with the goodies to automagically put that URL together and provide a link to click on and/or embed things “right there” in an iframe.
  • Show the “TW GraphViz Server” “GraphURL” tiddler full screen (i.e. hide the TiddlyWiki interface), with a button to display the TiddlyWiki interface
  • Start going back in time to see if I can find an older version of TiddlyWiki that still works as TW GraphViz Server but is a little bit lighter: 3.8 MB for the current TiddlyWiki is heavy, and I’d like to make it reasonably lighter