[tw5] A great use case for FeatherWiki

A simple and light tool to provide an organised “explorer” for files stored on a web server.

Example: BASIC Anywhere Machine - Sample Programs

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Keeping in mind that I am always about picking the right-by-me tool for the job at hand.

TiddlyWiki is my go-to for getting intertwingularity submitting to me bringing order to chaos. And it is my go-to for creating applications for web browsers, so that I don’t have to put up with stuff I loathe putting up with.

However, If I’m not going to war with intertwingularity and not working on a browser-based application, there are two things that have me tossing TiddlyWiki aside in favour of FeatherWiki.

The first is lightness. There is no comparison. Lightning quick to open, to save, to work with. Yes, it is light on features, but that is a win when they are all the features that are needed for the job at hand.

Second, lightness in the interface along with a WYSIWYG editor: what a huge impact on cognitive load.

Strangely enough, I want nothing to do with WYSIWYG in TiddlyWiki. Although I loathe wikitext (just as I loathe markdown, part of why I cannot stand Talk.TiddlyWiki), it is a small cognitive price to pay for the amount of cognitive gain I get using TiddlyWiki (for the things I use TiddlyWiki for). As long as the benefit outweighs the cost, I’m in. Besides, mixing and matching WYSIWYG with TiddlyWiki programming (i.e. widgets, transclusion, HTML, CSS): yuck.

Huh: When I’m in “programming mode”, I want nothing to do with WYSIWYG. When I"m in “writing mode”, I desperately need WYSIWYG.


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