TW-Scripts: Update 5.2.7

TW-Scripts has got a new release. It is called Paeez 2021 (Paeez is a Persian word for Fall/Autumn)

TW-Scripts is a self contained edition and is announced here under Showcase! It has a new favicon! The cute kitten!

A tutorial has been provided (TW-Scripts.pdf) to show how TW-Scripts work.

TW-Scripts contains:

  • Solution, Section-Editor, Shiraz, Transbin, Favorites, Commander, Relink, Link-to-Tabs, … plugins
  • TW-Scripts has a Cyclopedia in the sidebar and includes
    • Searchable list of responders
    • Searchable list of keywords
    • Searchable list of solutions
    • Tag clouds

and many other features!

Contribution is highly welcome! It has many Tasks (collected topics from Talk, GG to be implemented). Interested people can implement those tasks and send to me! To start, see one of solution and its structure.


  • Release 5.2.7
  • Apr 5th, 2023

This continues to be a great community reference @Mohammad - thanks for maintaining this!!

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Update 31 Dec, 2021

TW-Scripts has been updated to Tiddlywiki 5.2.1
TW-Scripts is a unique community resources for wikitext scripting in Tiddlywiki!

It can be used also as a Resource Management Edition as it is powered with Cyclopedia in the sidebar, Solution plugin and other common plugins from kookma plugins library!

Many new solutions have been added!

Best wishes


Update 14 July, 2022

TW-Scripts has been updated to Tiddlywiki 5.2.2
Many new tips and tricks and Q&A were added

TW-Scripts is a unique community resources for wikitext scripting in Tiddlywiki!


TW-Scripts has been updated to the latest Tiddlywiki 5.2.3 release
Several new tips and tricks and Q&A were added

TW-Scripts is a unique community resources for Wikitext scripting in Tiddlywiki!

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Very cool resource!

;tldr: there’s a typo on an example at TW-Scripts, which is also a non-working example because it doesn’t point anywhere (at least within the TW-Scripts site — presumably it was imported/copied from a place where it was a functional model).

I am excited about this suggestion (documented at your TW-Scripts page), but had trouble getting it to work:

The below syntax can be used to transclude a list of tiddlers matching a specified filter:


I assume it should be a shortcut form analogous to this kind of thing (which does work fine on your TW-Scripts site):

<$list filter="[tag[solution]]">

But there must be something off about the syntax, because the demo example there is not working. Figuring that the problem might be with the tiddlers and/or template in the example, I tried this:

{{{ [tag[solution]||$:/core/ui/TagTemplate] }}}

… and variations on that theme, with no luck. (@etardiff offered the quick fix, which is ``{{{ [tag[solution]] ||$:/core/ui/TagTemplate }}}`

Getting this effect without building a list-widget sandwich (with a template in the middle), will make a bunch of stuff much more readable!

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I believe there’s just a misplaced bracket in the example syntax:

{{{ [tag[2018.10.02]] || DailyTemplate }}}

(Spaces for clarity, not necessity.)

That’s it! Somehow that’s one of the permutations I didn’t try.

It’s still true that the site doesn’t yet yield anything for the corrected version {{{ [tag[2018.10.02]] || DailyTemplate }}} — but that’s because the example references non-existent tags and templates, surely an easy thing to fix!

Thank you @Springer
I push a fix soon! yes the template is missing and also the sample tiddlers.

Please open the sidebar → Contents and then click on → Transclusion with templates
There are few working examples on Filtered Transclusion using Templates.

Agreed. This is a great resource. I’ve been pointed to it several times, but always for very specific things. This time I actually looked at the TOC, and saw how many useful things are there.

I have a correction to one tiddler:

Regexp to Find all Tiddlers with .ext in Their Name.json (891 Bytes)

The original, which was supposed to find tiddlers with alphanumeric (plus dot) names that ended in .ext. While it found them correctly, it would also accept TiddlerName.txt or TiddlerName2.extttttt. This tweaks the regular expression to capture that correctly.

I’ll be reading the rest of this carefully soon, as I think it might get me past some of my learning humps.

Thank you for publishing this!

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Hi Scott,
Much appreciated.

The TOC needs to be improved as it does not cover all topics discussed! But the Cyclopedia tab is a good one where you can find solutions, responders, keywords, tag cloud, sources.

I hope I can find time to read through and improve it! I know sometimes in process of updating some tiddlers were not imported correctly!

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There is a tutorial (a presentation both in PDF and PPTX) under tutorial folder

direct link to pdf: TW-Scripts/tutorial at master · kookma/TW-Scripts (

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The DailyTemplate as proposed by @Mark_S here is as below

<$set name=dateToday value=<<currentTiddler>>>
    <$list filter="[tag<dateToday>]">
        <h2><$link><$transclude field="title" mode="block"/></$link></h2>

        <$transclude mode="block"/>