Todolist Plugin: Update 1.3.0 - 1.4.2

Todolist has got a new update!

The noticeable change among bug fixes is the support of relink-titles! Thanks to @Flibbles for his help and contribution!

Warning: If you upgrading from an older version, carefully read the instructions for upgrading!

Code and demo


Release 1.3.0

  • Oct 4th, 2021
  • [NEW] Update to Tiddlywiki 5.2.0
  • [NEW] Data tiddlers name are changed
    from $:/prefix/$(base)$/type to $:/prefix/type/$(base)$, so be aware if you upgrade
  • [NEW] Relink-titles module was added to support renaming base, see Todolist and Relink-titles
  • [NEW] adjustments to work in kookma Thinkup plugin
  • [NEW] confirm delete on deleting data tiddlers
  • [FIXED] minor bugs

I know you just released, but that module I made you could easily have been tweaked to support the old config tiddler format you had, just in case you didn’t want your users to have to migrate. It’s all about the regexp. I just wrote you that example as a launching point for making your own rule.

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Thank you! I had to do some adjustment in the Todolist code to work with Todolist! But it is a pity I did not know this before release!
Based on your post, It seems one can do relinking with a flexible rules no need to have specific prefix or suffix!

Yeah, I never meant for you to take my code verbatim. I thought you’d toy with it yourself. The “prefix” rule was always just an example. Any title relinking is possible. You could even change the rule to support both config tiddler formats, then rollback that part of the release so anyone who hasn’t migrated already doesn’t have to.

Or something like that.

Todolist 1.4.0 is out there!

The new improvement has been made to make Thinkup plugin simpler for creating better journal tiddlers!

Release 1.4.0

  • Nov 18th, 2021
  • [NEW] New interstitial journals
  • [NEW] Dcos for interstitial journaling
  • [FIXED] The kk.todolist-row flex-wrap changed to nowrap
  • [FIXED] The item background on hover has been set to background-color: <<colour table-header-background>>; similar to Tiddlywiki tc-chooser-item in vanilla palette

For all changes see ChangeLog.

@Mohammad I am comparing todo list Plugins for some multi-wiki installs and prepared checklists, Once I develop this “meta” use, I will share what I have found, it may be a valuable addition for users.

  • On evaluating Todo list and the architecture within your plugin I am very impressed. It lends itself to what I am trying to do and your documentation is excellent.

There is one feature missing that I need, or I have not found it yet, and thus why I am commenting here.

  • Perhaps you could tell me how to include a button in each listed todo item so I can add this feature myself?
  • Or perhaps you could consider adding this feature?

When using todo lists perhaps 30% of my todo items, especially when they are in progress, I like to open a tiddler and store more information in there.

  • Todo list nicely hides the items in the related data tiddlers, but there is no way to create a corresponding tiddler to store more details.
  • I would like to add a feature that allows you to optional create a tiddler (title based on the todo item text) and when such a tiddler exists provide a link button to open it in the storey.
    • There is no need to clean up these tiddlers when the task is done as they provide a record and can be separately managed.
  • Personally I am not concerned with todo items with the same title thus sharing the same tiddler if one exists, in fact in someways it is a feature. I do not feel its necessary to hide such tiddlers behind a namespace but this could be configured.
  • Alternatively perhaps another data tiddler could be used to store extended wikitext notes however the above method has other advantages.

If you are prepared to consider this, I can provide a little more details for the “Requirement’s” for you to consider and keep the design time shorter.

Another question please;

I am wondering how to reverse the interstitial logs so we have most recent first?

  • This is the natural order from my perspective

This is also true for todo Items in some cases

Hi @TW_Tones
I think what you need is the
It is very similar to kookma todolist with one big difference, it uses a tiddler for each todo item.
The new release supports nested todo items. That means, each item can have sub item and nesting levels has no limitation.

I had made a separate thread for this but figured it would be better to include it here instead; Could the ability to edit the times of each interstitial journal entry be editable when in edit mode?

I often find myself too busy to add events in the moment and have to when next available to, leading to inaccurate times, so the ability to retroactively edit the times to match would be a big help.

Todolist 1.4.2 is out there.

Release 1.4.2

  • Apr 3rd, 2023
  • [FIXED] A bug in displaying caption (in todolist-ui and interstitial-ui)
  • [FIXED] Documents updated

Release 1.4.1

Code and demo

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