Today I Learned

The “Today I Learned” (TIL) format of summarizing what you’ve learned in a few short sentences daily can be particularly helpful for folks who are committed to consistently taking notes in that particular format.

Example: jbranchaud/til: Today I Learned (

I think it can be simply implemented in Tiddlywiki

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A new tradition i have started this year with friends and family is on new years eve what they learned this year. Quite interesting.

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Actually, I think pasting too much website content into a personal wiki will confuse the search ( you will get long search results when you just want to search for some personal info ).

But if a user has the fortitude to write down TIL in his own words, and make it an evergreen note that will be summarized later, I think this will be beneficial…

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You’re describing a Dialectical Journal, a task which TiddlyWiki lends itself to right out of the box.


As a practicing modern skeptic i was recently discussing how to evaluate sources. There are flags that indicate unreliability in a source however even in apparently reliable sources the depth of work needed to validate claims can be exhausting. With tiddlywiki as a tool i hope to make this easier.

It seems to me the aforementioned dialectical method we would be well served to record such information in a way that it remains open to question and review. For myself and i expect most of us we record information in tiddlywiki as if it is fact, when many classes of information, may actually only be a best guess, if not ultimately incorrect.

Methodologies that encourage scepticism and critical thinking about what we know we record and subsequently use would add substantial quality to personal or team knowledge. This may include presenting out of the box tools for extended research and validation.