TidGi-Mobile supports create wiki from template - for people don't have PC

I have a QQ group with 1k+ tw users, and I find many of them never use the desktop version of TiddlyWiki, they use Tiddloid or tiddlyhost (slow in China) on their phones.

So I decided to add “Create from template” to TidGi-Mobile, so new users can start using TiddlyWiki without a desktop computer, and can sync to TidGi-Desktop app or any nodejs server later.

Why not HTML wiki or Tiddloid?

TidGi-Mobile uses SQLite and the filesystem to store up to n * 10k of tiddlers and n GBs of images, which can be compared to the Obsidian Mobile App or Evernote Mobile.


See TIDGI for user manual and download.

In the future, I will introduce TidGi Mobile more in my videos and blogs, instead of the Desktop app, because mobile is the majority.