TidGi Desktop v0.9.0 release

Download: https://tidgi.fun
Or Release v0.9.0 · tiddly-gittly/TidGi-Desktop · GitHub

I add an Obsidian-like Help page to guide new users of Tiddlywiki:

You can see I know many Chinese resources, but not sure what intro-level English resources we have. So I’d appreciate it if you could recommend some to me.

In this version, git backup and github cloud backup algorithm (git-sync-js) are more mature, so there is more pleasure to rollback to the last hour’s version or restore from the cloud after a mistake deletion.

You can switch back and forward between Tiddly-Desktop at any time, no data lock-in:

截屏2024-01-11 19.34.03


I know two other English resources for beginners:

Anyway GrokTiddlyWiki is the best of these

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Thanks, but they are not Tiddlywiki based. I only want to include TW based tutorial, that can also serve as playground, like Obsidian.