TiddlyWiki on W3Schools.com Spaces

At w3schools.com you can signup for an account and a “space”. You can get a link to your wiki of the form username.w3spaces.com.

Currently we can’t save back to the wiki file (yet - tw-receiver will not work), but you can download it and re-upload, or save changes and apply later. Currently I use the Local Storage plugin so the changes can be saved in the browser session.

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Oh darn. I thought you meant that W3Schools was offering TiddlyWiki tutorials –

:heart: :heart: We’ll never have to answer a basic question again! :heart: :heart:


Interesting you say that. If we found a way to import their examples, which also includes javascript tiddlywiki would be a nice platform for study notes on what w3schools offers. If done right the value would be there and could fuel demand. Perhaps inspiring them to document learning tiddlywiki.

Speculation (I love doing this)
Normally one may think this impossible (incorporating standard javascript) with strict tiddlywiki/java integration requirements, but I have some ideas on this.

The Innerwiki plugin shows how one can generate a virtual tiddlywiki inside another (which you can save to a file if you want), imagine the same for virtual html pages constructed from the w3schools example code, and interact with inside an iframe. I believe this is already possible.

Similarly if we get a lot of flexibility from the file uploads plugin in development we may even be able to upload a virtual html page to the host, thus tiddlywiki can become a html publisher. Just imagine the automation to generate html pages we could design into tiddlywiki. Drag and drop site builders would be possible.

You should read their TOS About Terms of Service all of it. Especially the “Fair use” and “Not fair use” sections. IMO what you suggest here will immediately violate the later when you use their service without any return on their side.

MDN Web Docs contains the same and verified reference information. Since Mozillas database is used by other services and vice versa, the content is usually correct.

The Mozilla TOS Websites & Communications Terms of Use — Mozilla is based on open licenses.

If I personally search for something web related I start with mdn eg: mdn html details

@pmario thanks for the “buyer beware warning”. personally I happen to be a big user of the site and use it to capture information relating to w3schools , I may do one of their courses soon.

I did go on to speculate in general, but did not make that clear in relation to the w3schools usage.

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