TiddlyWiki from folder of markdown files with NodeJS?

How to create a TiddlyWiki instance from a folder of markdown files with NodeJS? What command to use? Thank you in advance?

One easy way to get started is to run your NodeJS wiki, select all of the markdown files and drag them onto the wiki in the browser and it will import them.

If you have the Markdown plugin installed then they can be displayed as Markdown.

They will have names same as their file path — eg mymarkdownfile.md — so you need to go through and give them different titles.

I’ve done this as a one time import with several hundred markdown files.

The other thing to do would be to write a small script to turn them into Tiddler formatted files that the NodeJS TW understands.

Thanks for this!

I ask because I would like to be able to spin up a TiddlyWiki from an existing folder of md files on an ad hoc basis.

yep. This is scriptable but AFAIK there isn’t an easy MD-with-front-matter to TID available. Would be a relatively small NodeJS script to write.

I’m eventually going the other direction — where I output / static publish a TW to individual markdown files, which I can then post process with Markdown oriented build tools like Jekyll or Eleventy.