Tiddlywiki and the IPFS "Video Wall" Experiment

Merci beaucoup @papiche pour l’introduction.
To everyone: Astroport could really enhance TW because it could bring the new possibilities of cooperation.
I have found two wikis that I (nearly) abandoned because of a missing mechanism of cooperation:
One is for writing hyperlink stories and one is for writing screenplays.
I still have to translate and polish them a little.
So - see you soon.


Here is a general documentation on Astroport.ONE (concept, architecture and demo App)

Recording TW into IPFS through Astroport.ONE is like “being able to merge tiddlers as files with git”. Once associated to a “crypto key”, each TW can “publish” and interact through sub-channels.

The actual TW template is not specialized but contains some essential Tiddlers (whose fields are managed through backside administrative process)

Some details on the actual TW template: system tiddlers (not hidden yet) and plugins

The system benefit from a DAO structure and is introducing the use of “G1 crypto coin” blockchain used as voting, rewarding and “auto-merge” indicators. It add a wallet to each TW and transfer coins when one is copying tiddler from another TW,

This kind of “co-writing” App would be a great new TW template to integrate

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