Tiddlyspot [sic]: Trouble re-uploading 5.2.2 files after upgrade?

Maybe I’m forgetting some part of the learning curve for tiddlyhost upgrades. (I’m spoiled, since upgrading is the only part of tiddlyhost that’s not fall-off-a-log simple!)

For each of a couple old tiddlyspot wikis (managed through tiddlyhost now), I’ve downloaded a copy and followed the drag-and-drop upgrade directions (https://tiddlywiki.com/#Upgrading).

The local upgraded file loads fine in my browsers (Chrome and Safari), so far so good…

Then I attempt to configure as noted here: (TiddlySpot Saver configuration for Tiddlyhost and Tiddlyspot · simonbaird/tiddlyhost Wiki · GitHub)…

But once I fill in the tiddlyhost info ( https://sitename.tiddlyhost.com) and attempt to save (that is, to get upgraded wiki loaded on server), "Starting to save wiki..." isn’t resolving.

[Also tried with tiddlyspot swapped in for sitename string.]

Anyone else having trouble?

I thought the way you upload is to upload your local file into the appropriate slot/entity via your TiddlyHost dashboard using the “upload” option from the dropdown list. If we can still upload without needing the dashboard I’d like to know what the details are.

I just did what you described and it worked. Specifically:

  1. Login tiddlyhost.com
  2. From list of sites on my dashboard, use the Actions drop-down to download the .html.
  3. Upgrade the .html file using the TiddlyWiki upgrade page.
  4. I don’t know if it was necessary, but I renamed my upgrade.html to the same filename that I downloaded in step 2. (I’d renamed the downloaded one to append -5.2.1 to the stem of the filename.)
  5. On the tiddlyhost dashboard, use the Actions drop-down to upload the upgraded .html file.


Confirming what others have said already - you need to use the “Upload” option from the Actions menu once you’ve upgraded your TW file locally and confirmed that it’s working.

FAQ · simonbaird/tiddlyhost Wiki · GitHub has the suggested procedure.

The saver configuration from the link your posted is generally not something you need to care about if you’re running a newer TiddlyWiki, since Tiddlyhost will automatically set it correctly.

I was somehow not seeing the “Upload” button at the tiddlyhost sites dashboard…

EDIT: specifically for tiddlyspot sites (which appear on dashboard, but without upload option within the dropdown menu).

Aha, It’s tiddlySPOT sites, now managed through Tiddlyhost, that do not have an upload button on the tiddlyhost dropdown. It seems my old post-upgrade saving routine is not working, or I’m forgetting some key step. Anyone having luck with updating tiddlyspot sites?

That’s a good question. I expect there’s a way to do it, but I’m not sure how.

Maybe adding an upload option for Tiddlyspot sites would make life easier.

I have not done it in a while but I thought part of the trick was login to the host, downloading, upgrading on disk then in the old tiddlyspot days simply “saving” (using the credentials and savers in the wiki) effectively saved back to the host? Then delete the local copy and revisit the hosted wiki.

But I could be wrong.

It also only worked with one browser. I think it was “Chrome”, but definitely not “Safari”.

Tones and Mark, Thanks for the reply!

What I recall from prior upgrades is something like what you say:

… so that’s what I’ve been trying.

… So far no luck on Chrome…


Sorry to revive old thread, but it still seems true that I’m not able to upload at tiddlyhost for a longstanding tiddlyspot-domain file (in order to complete an upgrade, this time to 5.2.4).

The tiddlyhost account dashboard doesn’t allow uploads for the tiddlyspot items, which is familiar from past experience… but using the wiki’s own Settings > Saving > Tiddlyspot Saver (configured as noted here) doesn’t seem to work either… Any insights?

Should tiddlyspot projects be scrapped (when faced with an important reason to upgrade), with contents ported to tiddlyhost sites? (For at least one of my projects, that is likely to break some url links not under my control, so I’d rather avoid if possible.)


Never mind. The problem was cosmetic: the “save” confirmation didn’t appear (for the local upgraded file, loaded in browser, and configured for tiddlyspot), and the save button remained “dirty.”

Still, the upload of the upgraded 5.2.4 file did happen. Loading fresh from refreshed tiddlyhost panel worked fine.

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