TiddlyMap: How to create a view based on the title of the current tiddler?

Not sure how many TiddlyMap fans there are out there, but it is a fantastic plugin! It looks like it has had quite a few recent enhancements so thank you for that @Flibbles!

Anyway I’m wondering if there are any TiddlyMap users who can help me achieve the following:

I want to embed a map on every tiddler in my wiki that contains the current tiddler as its only node. For example a tiddler called A should show a map containing just the node A, a tiddler called B should show a map with just the node B etc.

I have tried creating a TiddlyMap view called Test with the Node filter [<currentTiddler>]. Then I create a ViewTemplate tiddler with the text <$tmap view="Test" ></$tmap>.

This doesn’t work. It seems that the TiddlyMap widget doesn’t know what tiddler it has been embedded in.

Does anyone know how I can achieve what I want, or if it is even possible?


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Hi @Sii,
what is your aim? Do you want to show it the representation at a specific location?

There are some TiddlyMap users - but compared to the importance of TiddlyMap it is rather seldom a topic. Perhaps this is because it is quite hard to tinker with it beyond what it is meant to be used.

Can you use Live View and set the neighborhood scope = 0 to meet your needs?

<$tmap view="Live View" ></$tmap>

Or perhaps live views filter will provide a path forward: [field:title{$:/temp/tmap/currentTiddler}]

TiddlyMap isn’t really built in a way to allow for this. Graphs are made from a clutch of tiddlers. They’re not dynamic such that they could change for every different tiddler. The live view probably is the closest you’ll get, but having it render differently on each tiddler may be beyond the scope of what TiddlyMap can do.