Tiddlyhost subscriptions soft launch

I just pushed an update this morning to enable the long talked about Tiddlyhost subscriptions. See here for more information. In brief it’s $8 a month and it gives you the ability to browse and restore (up to 100) previous versions of your site.

I’m interested in your feedback, so let me know your thoughts and suggestions. Would you consider signing up? If not, what might change your mind?

Ps, there are some users who I gave access to the “save history” feature a while ago. If you do have that enabled, you can continue using it without subscribing.


@simon I plan to subscribe shortly simply to support your effort and hosting, The save history may be useful to me. Whilst my primary use for tiddlyhost is tiddlywiki community resources, I also value the following features;

  • Public and private wikis
  • Hub for sites https://tiddlyhost.com/hub/user/tones
  • Make this site available as a template for others to clone
    • Ability to create a Shareable link for this
  • Allow site to be loaded inside an iframe

Some feedback

  • The hub is searchable and a valuable thing, currently found using “explore” menu, but I think it would be better served with the menu items being;

:mag_right: explore hub

Love your work, big time.

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Subscribed. Absolutelly great work.

Small idea, download all wikis as one zip file.

Great stuff @simon, I’m delighted to see this development.

I’m working on a PR that adds a more prominent “quick start” link to Tiddlyhost. It will now need some tweaks to reflect the new subscription service.