Tiddlyhost now uses TW 5.2.0 by default FYI

SSIA I guess.

New sites on Tiddlyhost will be created with TW 5.2.0 by default.

If you want to try out some of those cool new features, go crazy at tiddlyhost.com. :slight_smile:


Ps, if you want to upgrade your existing Tiddlyhost site to 5.2.0, this FAQ is a rough guide on how to do it.

Pps, FYI there was some extra work needed to get Tiddlyhost to support the new JSON formatted tiddler store. Thanks very much @saqimtiaz and @jeremyruston for the help with getting that working and tested well in advance. (See the PR if you’re interested.)

Ppps, congrats on the great release, and great work everyone who contributed! Zarro boogs…?


Thank you @simon

TiddlyHost is in my opinion the easiest way to get started with a public online TiddlyWiki, so all your work on this is appreciated.

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I echo the many others here @simon how much I appreciate the service you provide!

At the risk of getting a little off-topic, I’ll say that I agree with some of the conversation that others (including you @saqimtiaz) have mentioned in terms of a new-user set of expectations. Your efforts around an easy download and run solution (based on WebDAV) are great. From my perspective (realizing everyone has their own), I would guess that breaking down the new users:

  1. Most users these days expect to start these services with a web hosted solution (like TH)
  2. Some users won’t like reliance on the web, and will want an easy download+run (like you’re talking about with WebDAV, also things like TiddlyDesktop)
  3. Less users (though more of the hard-core regulars here) that are more technical will want more control / security etc. and will want self-hosting, command line stuff etc.

I list those in order because I suspect that’s the relative order of user-share these days (based on thing like Notion and all the similar-seeming popular offerings). I bring that up here because if others agree, would a healthy use of community funds (to which I and others contribute to today) be either partnership / purchase / copy of TiddlyHost offered right from TiddlyWiki.com? If that was fully integrated, I think we’d get a few more people past the first-use barrier.

Just thoughts, sorry if this should be split off somewhere else…

How to download as public users the hosted version of Tiddlywiki for personal use on desktop ?
The saving button remains the data as intend only on server.

Go into the settings (cog).
Saving tab
TiddlySpot saver tab
Select and cut the contents of the Server URL field
Click on “Save” to download a local copy
Paste the Server URL field back in to continue saving on TiddlyHost

Edit – method 2, which maybe should be method 1

Go into your TiddlyHost Dashboard
Click on the Download arrow that is on the same row as your desired TW file.

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I think perhaps you’re asking about downloading a site that is not your own.

As long as the site is public, you can append “/download” to the url to download it. There’s no convenient link for that (unless… see related tip below), but it’s easy enough to just type it into your browser’s address bar.

E.g. try clicking https://simon.tiddlyhost.com/download .

A related tip for those who want to make it easy for others to download their public Tiddlyhost site: include a download link (such as the above) in your content somewhere. For example see here.

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