Tiddlybucket - a tiddlyweb backend that directly reads tiddlers from AWS and GCP buckets

Hi there! Just want to let y’all know about my port of the TiddlyWeb backend API that can directly read and write tiddler files to AWS S3 buckets and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Storage buckets.

The project is here: ~hokiegeek/tiddlybucket - sourcehut git

This might exist somewhere, but I couldn’t find it easily, so I wrote my own since it satisfied a need that I had.


This is VERY cool, thanks for making this and sharing.

I don’t think it exists. Tiddly, written for Google App Engine, is the closest

Do you see this running locally only? Or, do you have thoughts on the easiest way to host a Go binary like this?

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I did see Cox’s app before but it didn’t quite fit my needs. I was initially going to PR it but decided to just start from scratch.

My favorite way to deploy anything is to containerize it. I initially deployed it in Google’s Cloud Run (which is similar to AWS’ Fargate), but that got a little pricey after a few days so I redeployed it in a container-optimized VM instance (so the EC2 equivalent).

The README has the info (https://git.sr.ht/~hokiegeek/tiddlybucket#grab-a-copy)
but you can pull the container from my gitlab repo with the command:
docker pull registry.gitlab.com/hokiegeek/tiddlybucket:v0.5.3

Also, cross-compiling is pretty trivial with go, so I could also build mac, windows, and linux binaries and host them in gitlab for download if containers are not desired.

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Yeah definitely — Google App Engine is pretty specific.

Awesome, thank you for all that info. Mostly thinking about different use cases and how people can host it. Some of the PaaS platforms (flyIO, Railway) can be a little easier for people. I’ll tinker when I get some time.

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Gotcha… It does look like flyIO can handle this app pretty easily either as straight up or as a container. Might look into what it would take and make sure it does work but let me know what you find out too!

Using Source Hut, very nice! :clap:

I love Source Hut. :heart:

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Source Hut is very nice! :raised_hands: I joined it when it came out to support another open source solution, and wound up fully migrating from gitlab. I have been digging the minimalism and simplicity. The only feature I miss from gitlab is a container repository.

The only thing stopping me from using it for all my open source stuff is that it does require people to download the repo and send patches via email to contribute. Though I myself prefer this much much better then anything github/gitlab could do I fear that it would be yet another blocker to others offering support. If you think about it even TiddlyWiki struggles with contributions in GitHub commonly having to provide GitHub support because even using the in web editor it too hard for many contributors imagine if they had to send an email :open_mouth: !

Then again, my stuff is on GitHub already and I still don’t get any contributions so maybe my fears are moot considering I exist alone in a dark corner of the connected internet invisible to others. I joked the other day to friend that I should write bad code so it get popular and then I burnout trying to fend off the tidal wave of contributions attempting to make the thing more then it should.

Hi @HokieGeek. Thank you for writing Tiddlybucket. I’ve been looking to build a TiddlyWeb server in Go or extend one. I too had been looking at Tiddly, but didn’t want to be tied to Google App Engine. I actually run TiddlyWiki on a very old Raspberry Pi and the Go code seems to run pretty well there.

I have really wanted to have an easy multi-wiki solution, so I cloned Tiddlybucket and made changes to support serving multiple wikis (filesystem only at this point, but I stubbed out changes for Google and AWS as well). I called it Tiddlyverse (like a universe of TiddlyWikis). Your well organized code made it pretty straightforward, but clearly it is a substantially different goal. I didn’t want to assume you have the same interest in serving multiple wikis. However, if you are interested in incorporating these changes, I would be glad to make a pull request (albeit a rather large one) and contribute the changes back to Tiddlybucket.

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this is great! I am all for it! sorry for taking so long to reply but have been under some loads. and I will continue to be under a load for at least another week. Let me take a closer look after that and work with you to get it merged in to my project. thank you! :+1:

Sounds good. Let me know after you have a chance to take a look.