Tiddler Grid Macro I found doesn't work in my environment

Hello, I am a college student using Tiddly Wiki for our class, and I have stumbled upon a user “inmysocks” TiddlerGrid system that creates a game board with movable pieces, and I wanted to use this as a base for something else, but the only issue is I cannot get the same functionality out of it as the original creator seems to have.
Here’s my tiddlywiki page → https://sunypoly-fitzgeo-games.tiddlyhost.com/
Here is the original creator → Tiddler Grid — drag and drop grid layout
The original creator is able to move pieces when added, but mine when I add them, if I try to move them, they seem to just duplicate. MY professor also has the same outcome. I have imported both the Macro and CSS tiddlers he’s linked, and from all other accounts the code is good and should work. Creating a Game Board in his space seems to work perfectly, but not in mine. My professor and I think maybe it broke as his was created in ver. 5.2.1, and I am in 5.3.3. If anyone can take a look, and see if they get the same issue, or if not how to fix it that’d be great, thanks.

Ha! I tried it in a 5.2.5 and it didn’t work, and then I tried it in a 5.2.0 and it did.

So yes, something has changed that makes TiddlerGrid no longer work properly.

EDIT: Tried in a 5.2.3, also doesn’t work. So, the relevant change in core tiddlywiki seems to have been in 5.2.2 or 5.2.3.

AAND: confirmed that the last version for which the gameboard works properly is 5.2.1

Ok thanks for the response, glad to know I wasn’t going crazy. Is there any way of getting an older version? I currently use Tiddlyhost, and from what I found online although I can get empty older versions I am not sure how to properly save them and/or get them in my tiddlyhost so I can access them easier.

For old versions, you can look here:


And at right edge of table you can download empty or complete html.

In tiddlyhost’s control panel — look for the ... actions button at right side — you can replace any site with a fresh upload. So if you download an old TiddlyWiki version, you can then upload that older version from your machine to tiddlyhost.

Of course, it would be much nicer to figure out how not to lose all the cool features introduced since 5.2.1 — but in the meantime you should at least be able to get a prototype of your game up and running.

Awesome, thank you very much. I am not doing anything substantial, so this should work perfectly,

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Also, we should see whether @inmysocks will tune in to offer any suggestions about how tough it would be to update that javascript for continued use…

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I am alive, I am hoping to look at it this weekend or early next week depending on when I get my other work sorted out.