Tiddler Commander Plugin: Update 2.1.4 - 2.1.6

Commander just got a new update.

NOTE: A major update is coming with TiddlyWiki 5.3.0. The current update is a minor bug fixes.

Revision 2.1.4

  • 29th Dec, 2022
  • [FIXED] Error in Commander search filters description field when it has a wikilink (like $:/Test). See Issue on Talk
  • [FIXED] Documents are improved for Commander filters
  • [FIXED] Upgraded to Thirdflow 0.5.0
  • [FIXED] Field names with mixed case is allowed
  • [FIXED] New favicons is used

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The Commander Tutorial is the starting point to learn more about plugin features, help, demo and examples. See below for online pages.

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Commander got a new update

Revision 2.1.6


That is very useful!

Thank you,

@Mohammad thank you for this great plugin!

Is there currently (or are you planning to add) a way to refer to tiddler field values in search and replace?

My use case is: for each tiddler selected with a filter, I would like to append the value of my-field to tags.

Do the search and replace arguments support WikiText or filter expressions (with references to current Tiddler) or only raw text/ regex? From what I have tried and read in your tutorial it seems to be only raw text/ regex. I am using the latest v2.1.6.

Or is the thing I am looking for doable in some other way using a different TC functionality, e.g. adding tags? The tag to add would be the value of the my-field field of each tiddler.

Edit: In the worst case I can export the target tiddlers to json, and to snr with text editor there. It is probably a rather odd thing to do, so I am not suggesting that you add such a thing to TC, I was just wondering if it maybe is possible already and I missed it.

Hi @vilc,
Tiddler Commander cannot do what you asked: read from my-field and write to tags. The SNR does search and replace for a single field you indicate in your operation.
I think there are simple solutions to do what you want.

  1. write a button
  2. use an action macro to search tiddlers using your own criteria
    2.1. it then reads from my-field and appends to tags
\define myactions()
\end myactions
<$button actions=<<myactions>> >
Perform my action

The macro myactions contains a $list widget to list the tiddler using your criteria (filter) and $action-listops to read from my-field and append to tags
See https://kookma.github.io/TW-Scripts/ and look for Add Remove Tags Using ActionListops

TC does not support wikikified input like {{!!my-field}}.

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Thanks a lot! This points me in the right direction.

Dear @Mohammad ,

Thanks again for this amazing plugin. May I ask if it’s possible to copy tiddler text, title and other field values in formatted form using TW-Commander?
I am trying to copy bibtex details from bibtex imported files. Please point me in direction in which I can contribute.

Thank you,

Hi Rahul,
Commander cannot copy the content. It just work in-place for changing/adding/removing data.

Best regards


Maybe this can get you started: Books & Such — for research and enjoyment

Quick update for @rahulkashyap.phy

I’ve updated the books & such demo-in-progress so that the bibtex-export utility tiddler includes a “copy to clipboard” button.



@Mohammad some “system” fields cannot be renamed using the Field/Rename fields tab.
It seems obvious that title would be excluded from that list, but what about others?
created, type are included, but caption, modified, tags are excluded.
Is this intentional or is it a bug?
Of course, its not often that one would need renaming any of these fields, but I think they should be renamable anyway.

There is a config file, see. It defines which field to be excluded.


Thanks, this solves my issue! Btw, there’s a small typo in that config tiddler, it has craetor instead of creator.

Thank you! I will correct this