The Muuri Storyview

Hi dear Tiddlywikians,

The Muuri Storyview has been updated to version 0.2.33

The update contains fixes and compatibility tweaks so that it works better with my MultiColumn Layout

The Muuri Kanban plugin has also seen some minor tweaks and fixes and is now on version 0.1.17

I hope that these plugins see some use by the community :slight_smile:

Also, if you use it and like it, please leave a star on GitHub for the Muuri plugin (github) and the Kanban plugin (github)

If you notice issues, quirks etc. please leave me a comment with a description here or post a screenshot, that helps a lot!

Further, if you have ideas how to make it better or feature requests, don’t hesitate to comment.

Thank you and best wishes from Southtyrol,


Thank you Simon for these impressive plugin.

Since you ask for idea or feature requests:

  • Being able to bind a column to a tag (list all notes tagged with the column tag, removing a note would untag the note, adding a note in the column adds the tag, use tag color if any as column color)
  • Being able to fold a note (displaying only title)



Hello Eskha,

With your feature requests do you refer to the Kanban plugin?

Thank you


I saw this one idea from Saq in github. As he mention in this post, I also remember seeing a single tiddler with list of images shown using muuri view.

  1. How to use muuri along with MCL? What is the advantage of using muuri along with MCL in the same wiki ? One possible usecase I can think of is the muuri-kanban. But as @Eskha told

Some filter to populate the columns might be useful

  1. Is it possible to get horizontal view of muuri in MCL columns ?

@BurningTreeC As you can see in this post in the previous thread on muuri, @fastfreddy created a viewtoolbar button that can configure the field muuri-tiddler-width . That might be a good addition to the muuri plug-in if you find it useful.

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Hi @arunnbabu,

to see the Muuri storyview in action with the Multi column layout, go to the MCL page and click on “Muuri” on top.
You will see three columns where each column is a Muuri storyview. And the columns are connected, so that you can drag tiddlers from one column to the other.

I don’t see the need for a muuri widget.
It’s a storyview, that means it can be used with any list widget:

<$list filter="[list[$:/StoryList]]" template="myTemplate" storyView="muuri"/>
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I had checked that, but what I was asking was how is it different from MCL which also had drag and drop functionality between columns ?
Also is it possible to get horizontal view of muuri storyview in MCL columns ?

Edit: I had to compare both muuri and MCL with similar number of empty text tiddlers to understand the difference in the drag and drop functionality betwen muuri and MCL. Muuri feels more natural to use for drag and drop- the top tiddler moves down automatically if I move any one of tiddler below it upwards.

This is one of my favourite plugins and a must have in all of my notebooks!

Thanks a lot!

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This would be great but I could not get it to work yet.

  • How do I enter the param to allow dragging in the listwidget?
  • How can I define a list where the changes should be applied to?
  • Does the template have to be a link to be draggable or could they also be divs or button?

I made up a test to use muuri in my grid-layout Grid
The $:/Plugins/JJ/Grid/Layout At the moment I do not get it to work with:

<$list filter={{$:/config/Plugins/Gridlist}} template="$:/Plugins/JJ/Grid/Template" storyView=“muuri”/>

The $:/Plugins/JJ/Grid/Layout appears if you click the blue article.
Beware the tiddler-controls only appear on hover on the right side and at the moment at the bottom.

Yes indeed, I am refering to the Kanban plugin.


Well, in $:/plugins/BTC/Muuri/ui/Layout of My TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook this looks a little more complcated:

\whitespace trim
\define containerClasses()
tc-page-container tc-page-view-$(storyviewTitle)$ tc-language-$(languageTitle)$
\import [[$:/core/ui/PageMacros]] [all[shadows+tiddlers]tag[$:/tags/Macro]!has[draft.of]]

	languageTitle={{{ [{$:/language}get[name]] }}}>

<div class="tc-drag-container"/>

<div class=<<containerClasses>>>

<$navigator story="$:/StoryList" history="$:/HistoryList" openLinkFromInsideRiver={{$:/config/Navigation/openLinkFromInsideRiver}} openLinkFromOutsideRiver={{$:/config/Navigation/openLinkFromOutsideRiver}} relinkOnRename={{$:/config/RelinkOnRename}}>

<$dropzone enable=<<tv-enable-drag-and-drop>>>

<$list filter="[all[shadows+tiddlers]tag[$:/tags/PageTemplate]!has[draft.of]]" variable="listItem">

<$transclude tiddler=<<listItem>>/>






Hi @JanJo and sorry for the late reply.

You’re looking at the wrong tiddler :slight_smile:

It’s really not that complicated, but I don’t have the time today to explain - and I’m really tired.

But tomorrow I’ll post a how-to!


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Many thanks in advance!

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Hi @BurningTreeC

It seems to be more complicated than expected. I would already be happy if you could point me to the right tiddler

Hi @JanJo

look at the configuration options and the configuration namespace tiddler

The list widget, when using the muuri storyview, accepts the storyViewConfig attribute where you should define your namespace for the configuration tiddlers. With namespace is meant: the prefix of the configuration tiddlers, like $:/config/my-muuri-gallery/

Many of the configuration options are optional … I think I should update that tiddler

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