The First Rule of Programming

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Of course it is always about the modes of Prehension


That could be a COWPOCALYPSE …

Oh good, I thought it was just me. :slight_smile:

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NGL two thumbs would be a game changer for all sorts of things.

I’d rather another thumb over a pinky haha

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Ha! FYI, the “alternative fingers” come from a three volume masterwork on the “PHYSIOLOGY OF THE JOINTS”, much loved by body workers, made by Kapandji. That image is Kapandji’s playful imagining of different jointing.

It has some relevance to the OP.

There are many ways to “Programming”.

Anyway, it was nice you saw I was not totally off topic! :blush:


I think the first rule of programming

1st Rule:
If it works don’t touch it!

  • is wise but then perhaps the second rule is;

2nd Rule:
Copy/clone/backup anything before you touch it!


Let me think;

3rd rule:
The less readable and self documented a piece of code, the more time it will take to understand and modify it in the future.

4th Rule:
Never take it personally. :slight_smile:

  • I agree with this one, I have being keen on “Egoless Programming” approaches, since I started in IT, where together we work to find the best solution and be open to constructive criticism, every idea is a good Idea until we find a better one and we don’t hang our ego on our ideas.
  • This has got me in trouble a few times, because when people don’t get to the point trying to be diplomatic, it can frustrate me, and when I simply give constructive feedback, without myself being overly diplomatic or focusing on others feelings, some people step in on behalf of others and criticize my approach. It’s not that I don’t consider others feelings, it’s that I focus on the shared outcomes, the code, not the people/personalities.
    • The last thing we need solving complex problems is additional complex problems of social dynamics, ego, status adding more complexity to it.