Teach Tiddlywiki to Others: Reveal the Underlaying Contents on Demand

Does it happen to teach Tiddlywiki to others (e.g your students)? All the time they have to edit the tiddler to see what is the underlaying script/content to produce such rendered content.

I use a small view template like this

<$list filter="[all[current]!is[system]]">
<$codeblock code={{!!text}} language=xml/>


To give a try download (viewtemplate_reveal-tiddler-code.json (338 Bytes)
) and drag and drop into https://tiddlywiki.com/prerelease

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Further notes:

If you have Utility 2.1.6 — small tools for authors and developers installed then it automatically shows

  • the content of all tiddlers tagged $:/tags/Macro
  • the content of all tiddlers tagged $:/tags/ViewTemplate

You can manually tag a tiddler with show-content to see its contents while in view mode
You can manually show raw content using filter in Sidebar > More > Utility Tab

This is how tiddlywiki.com should work. <rant>However, the way that TW documentation tiddlers are constructed from nested macros does not aid beginners at all.</rant>