Task List plugin 1.0.13 - Powerful Todos that go beyond

The sales pitch

Are you tired of having to manually style your todo items the same way to have a semblance of consistency? Do you hate the scary single text input making you question your life choices? Would you like more color in your life?

Look no more, for Task List is the ultimate solution to your problems!

With the ability to not do anything fancy or to customize almost any aspect anyone responsible would need, Task List delivers with style. Wait no more, call Github and if you call now you’ll also get a copy of the documentation for free!

Documentation and demo: Task List

And a bit more seriously

Task List is a todo plugin to end all other todo plugins. You can customize the fields available for each item, how the items is displayed, define custom CSS class for each item, define your own sorting and more.

The documentation includes an actual real-life example of how I use this plugin in my day-to-day job.

[Documentation & Demo] — [Source Code]

Some quick history

Originally this was just a simple macro that had the fields definitions passed as an argument looking like this link:5:Text|text:15:Text. Field definitions were separated by the pipe symbol. At some point I wanted to add support for Select/Dropdown fields and as it grew in complexity I wanted to turn this into a fully-fledged plugin. Lo and behold I rewrote the whole thing to be completely different.


hmmm, Nice looking implementation, but if I rename the task-list tiddler all tasks are gone.

Indeed, which is why there is a warning about this:

As far as I know this is not something I can solve with pure Wikitext so I have not prioritized implementing it.~

Actually I went around and implemented this, also discovering I accidentally used the same name for two JS scripts, whoops. Version 1.0.13 should be up now with the fix :slight_smile:


Very nice. It fits into the rebuild (simplification) of my various TW files quite nicely.

That you for sharing this and the other TW developments at your GitHub site.

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Nice job!

Also the documentation for it is very good! That helps!
Kudos on that.

I might switch to it from the Grosinger – Checklist Plugin thing I have happily used for a long time, which is less featured (but looks nice), after a bit of testing.


Thanks for the kind words. If there are any features you’d like added or issues you find or if there is anything I could explain better - do tell.

Thanks for Sharing @Maurycy I am evaluating this plugin for quick addition to wikis so I can have a task list for matters in the design and management of that wiki. We are spoilt for choice really.

Thus I plan to make a package including your Plugin plus a standard todo list, In the sidebar, or click to open in the story. I can do this via reverse engineering, just capture the tiddlers that change when setting it up.

This made me think, what if the plugin is already installed?, I could package some todo lists with a set of standard tasks for various purposes.

  • These can be made into Bookmarklets and applied to any wiki with a click

Again, I can reverse engineer this myself, but as the author I would like to ask you what we may need to include, if we were to make installable todo lists, especially once we start customising.

Can you assist?

Did you have any luck with this? I missed replying when I first say your comment and looking at it now I am not sure I fully understand what you need assistance with.

@Maurycy I spent some time working on it, either your todo solution or another similar one, in the end I took a break, and abandoned it because somethings was not reliable. I really must revisit it.

  • The idea was compelling to me and may warrant the development of a fresh new todo solution.

A Todo list method that allows you to drag a list of todo items to a bookmarklet such that the same set of items, can be applied either multiple times to the same wiki or to multiple wikis.

  • Effectively allowing the creation of a reusable bundle of tasks

When testing the concept I realised they possible need to be tasks with content, eg one tiddler per task because there is value including note and links to other resources inside each task.

  • Although it would still be somewhat useful if tasks were only titles.