Tag macro: multiple dropdowns displayed when multiple macros present. Bug?

Hello everyone!

I have encountered the problem described below. I could not find any references to it on the forum and I have not found enough information in the documentation on tiddlywiki.com

Situation: Multiple instances of the same tag macro are present in the content of a tiddler. One of them is clicked on. To replicate this create a new tiddler with the content <<tag Macros>> <<tag Macros>> at tiddlywiki.com.

Expected behavior: A dropdown is displayed below the tag pill that was clicked on.

Actual behavior: Dropdowns are displayed below all tag pills of the given tag inside the tiddler. They are displayed on top of each other in the order of appearance in the tiddler text, so the last one (not necessarily the clicked one) is always displayed on top.

For some context, I have encountered this problem when creating a list of tiddlers, with their tags displayed next to them. If multiple tiddlers in this list have the same tag, the dropdowns are displayed multiple times when one of the repeated tag pills is clicked.
I used the $macrocall $name="tag" inside $list widget, but the problem is the same if the tag macro is used directly as <<tag Foo>>, as in the example above.

Is this intended behavior, or a bug/limitation of how the dropdown is displayed? Is there a simple way to circumvent it? I would be thankful for a clarification.

Please refer to the following thread: