Syncing tw to seafile


im new here and i came with a syncing question!

i think i’ve already read around that it isn’t possible to sync tw to nextcloud.

i was wondering though if it can be synced to seafile?
i know tw uses webdav to sync folders and i believe seafile has that, but my few attempts failed and i don’t know if im doing something wrong or it’s just not possible.

im self-hosting tw on yunohost.
same goes for seafile.

Welcome to the community!

The last time I did look at seafile about 2 years ago over at GoogleGroups. It was possible to host TWs with webdav. But I’m pretty sure things have changed quite a bit in 24 months :wink:

WebDav is disabled by default. So you’d need to enable it. But as reported in 2018 it did work. …So this may be worth a test.

The post there also mentions a post from 2018 … I don’t know if that stuff is still relevant. … It may be worth a read to get more TW specific info.

You can search this forum for “yunohost” and you’ll find some stuff.

I did quick search and also found this nginx related post at yunohost: webDAV server using nginx module - Advanced use case - YunoHost Forum

If you only wanted to use seafile because of the webdav possibility, then nginx would be the better option.

If you have seafile anyway because us use it already, the manuals there should also give more info. WebDAV extension - Seafile Admin Manual

Usually users ask about webDav to connect on a “file-browser” level. … That’s not what we need. We need a possibility to server web-pages over WebDav !! That’s important.

That’s why it will work with nginx, because that’s a web server.


Do NOT use 777 as access rights in production. Everyone may get full access to whatever runs behind it.

Related to access rights see this post: You know yunohost as server for hosting for TW? - #9 by pmario

That’s all I know by heart at the moment

Seafile docs link: WebDAV extension - Seafile Admin Manual

Have fun!

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this was longer and more complex than expected.

i will try to look into all of this links asap, but i have a gut feeling i might just go for tiddlyhost instead at this point. :upside_down_face:

thank you very much for your help. :hugs:

For the beginning tiddlyhost is a good idea. Once you got that going you can experiment as you like, without the fear, that you break something.

And if you have some questions. … Just ask :wink:

have fun!

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