Suggested Breadcrumbs Macros for TW Docs

Here’s a short video about the current state of the .breadcrumbs macros that should be used by the TW documentation in the future

Demo: Filter Syntax Documentation … to play with the new structure

There is a draft pull request, with the improved structure of the documentation. The macros will get their own PR, which is in the making atm.


This thread is also related to the discussion at: Can Hierarchical Navigation Benefit TW Documentation? - #21 by pmario

have fun!


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Is there an existing 3rd party plugin, that is also called breadcrumbs? … I do not know one. does not show one.

We can name the plugins .trail … But I would like to hear others first.

This looks great. I look forward to playing with it.

It’s not quite clear to me how this ties to discussions in the other thread.

There is a demo-link in the OP, where you can test everything as it is atm. There are 2 pending PRs for the plugin and the docs changes at GitHub.

The “other thread” is a “general discussion” with some brainstorming about new possibilities.

This thread here is about the pending pull request only. See: breadcrumbs-macros-0-9-0 got their own PR by pmario · Pull Request #7419 · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub

Understood. I didn’t look at it at the time because even though I was scanning this forum during a boring meeting, I couldn’t visit that site from work. * is blocked by GigantiCorp where I work. I was planning on looking at last night, but ended up with family time instead and didn’t get online. I will look sometime over the weekend.

Got it. Thanks.