Subsume plugin upgraded to version 1.0.2

Hi everyone

Thanks to help from Flibbles today, I got the Subsume plugin to work with the Relink plugin again. Get version 1.0.2 at The Subsume Plugin — Turn links into sliders!.

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Dave, that is great news! Thank you very much for your Plug in! It is currently one of my most important plugins and heavily use it every day!

How do I update my first version of the Plugin? I did the extra steps back then with the relink plugin.

Can I just drag and drop the new version to my wiki it should I uninstall the old version including maybe Relink first?


Delete the old version of subsume plugin. Save and refresh your wiki and then drag and drop the new version to your wiki. Save and refresh.


Hello Dave,

very nice plugin - thanks a lot!

Can you add keyboard shortcut functionallity for “subs” and “subs-e”?

Have you tried subsume with edit-comptext? I find that quicker and save us from miss spelling the tiddler title we want to use with subsume.

If you still want keyboard shortcuts it is absolutely possible How to create keyboard shortcuts
I find the difficulty is in finding shortcuts that are not in use already for something else.

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Hi Stefan

I think keyboard shortcuts for Subsume need to be user-specific, as other plugins’ keyboard shortcuts, and shortcuts the user created for other items, could interfere. See the link Birthe sent you, I think that is a better way to go. Sorry!

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Have you tried subsume with edit-comptext?

Very good hint!
Thanks Birthe, thanks Dave :+1:

Successfully implemented - like it!