[SOLVED] How to edit the wikilist in Tiddlydesktop to wrap the tagline of my wiki?

I’m new in TiddlyWiki Desktop. I made my wiki and I have a rather long tagline on my wiki so the in the wiki list, the tagline is crossing over the border like shown in the screenshot

Anyone knows how to fix it?
I’m using Tiddly wiki 0.0.14 (15) on Macos Bigsur

Welcome to takl.tiddlywiki;

  • Either change the tag line or go to the backstage and find how its displayed.
  • Let us know if that not enought.

I do note before I ask in this forum that I need to shorten the tagline or change some settings in the backstage.

I choose to change some settings in the backstage in the wikilist settings however I’m lacking the coding skill to change the code of wikilist to make some wrap into new line if the tagline is very long.

This is the html code of the wikilist, perhaps someone can give thought how to configure it to wrap the long tagline text. Anyone can helps on this topic?

In the backstage wiki, try adding a tiddler tagged $:/tags/Stylesheet with the following CSS:

.td-wikilist .td-wiki-title {
	white-space: normal;

.td-wikilist .td-wikilist-item {
	display: flex;

Have I done it right?

I add a new tiddler in the backstage and choose the type to be text/css. I copy the code to the new tiddler

Change the title of the tiddler to something like: CustomStyles

To that tiddler add the tag $:/tags/Stylesheet

The content of the text field of the tiddler is the CSS code.

Hi :slight_smile:

I did all according to your suggestions
I insert the tag $:/tags/Stylesheet and the tag changes suddenly into “Customstyles”

I close the Tiddlywiki Desktop and I open again but nothing changes in wikilist
Any other suggestions? Thanks

Please remove the tag on that tiddler and manually type in the above tag and save.

Wow thanks, it works like magic. Now the long tag line is wrapped in the wiki list

I have chosen your answer to be the solution. Best regards :grinning: