Showcase: tiddlywiki as project, research & presentation-environment

Just wanted to showcase how tiddlywiki has been used to do everything in the title, inside one html file(!) in a repository, without any complex server infrastructure or standalone applications:

Now think of the fact that somebody can clone this file (all this work), and continue it.
Research waste (especially for open specifications) is a big problem, and I think tiddlywiki did a great job at preventing it.


That’s cool. I suspect I’m missing the point but would it be able to display step or parasolid files?

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no it makes sense.
The XR Fragments spec, encourages authors of
step/parasolis fileformats (and all 3D fileformats in general ) to specify extra metadata in objects, which link/embed other objects/files via URLs.
Basically the good stuff from html (src and href) for 3D files.
The spec encourages 3D hypermedia browsers (not 3D viewers).

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Ok! So, if I had such a file, how would I display it? :slight_smile:

on there’s a demovideo on the homepage, it shows how to use the demoviewer (which you can extend yourself, see the codepen link)
That’s a startingpoint to show a .glb file with xr fragment metadata (blender can export almost anything to glb).

There’s also other ways (godot e.g.) see the menu.

btw. sorry for confusing this post: the XR fragments spec has nothing to do with tiddlywiki.
The only relationship with TW is that the project is using TW as homepage/docs/presentationtool :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::love_you_gesture:

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.