[Showcase] Made my first plugin to add a bit more action to buttons

Decided to try and make my own plugin to make buttons feel a bit more responsive, and figured I’d share it for anyone that wants to use it.

it’s nothing fancy, but I enjoy it.

$__plugins_JMH_RoundedButtons.json (8.0 KB)

Let me know what you guys think, and if there are any ways I can improve it :smiley:

Edit: quick hotfix, I forgot to include the tiddler that also adjusts the editor toolbar buttons :sweat_smile:

Fixed now though!


You may like to give a try Gatha to make plugins (not good for theme at the moment) on the fly!
Export plugins for node.js, packaged json, demo.html, … and amny other options …

It automatically adds readme, license and history for you (boilerplate tiddlers,…)

i’ll give it a look-see, thanks Mohammad :smiley:

EDIT: If you don’t mind me asking, what is the difference between plugin publisher and author? and what purpose does parent plugin serve? Is it the similar to dependencies?

Also, changing just the buttons would merit a plugin type, rather than a theme? I couldn’t find the defining factor between the two when reading the dev site.

This is my understanding, developers can have better answer

The publisher name is like brand name for example google in $:/plugins/google/...
The author name is the name of developer/creator … and is used as meta data for plugin

Are you talking about Gatha or TiddlyWiki/Dev — documentation for developers?

I have not worked with Theme, but they are some CSS (skin and structure)

Oh, i was referring to how my plugin changed the CSS for one aspect of TW, rather than a large amount of it, and if that should be considered just a plugin, or if I should choose theme instead when turning it into a plugin

As I said I did not work on Theme, but css in plugins if tagged with $:/tags/Stylesheet will be in use as soon as you install a plugin! Of course you can use dynamic stylesheet to activate them using a button or an event

But Theme styles will be loaded when they are activated! I am sure developers can have better answer here!

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huh, ok that’s helpful!

Technically themes are also plugins, but they can be activated and deactivated with the theme switcher.

If you only change 1 aspect of the UI I think it should be a plugin. … If you change the overall behaviour of the UI it should be a theme.

But consistent themes are much harder to get right, since they should still work with 3rd party plugins. … So if someone may create a completely new theme, which contains new Page- View- EditTemplates … it will most likely break several plugins that try to modify the default TW theme.