Show only some parameters of <<filter>>

Hello dear tiddlies :wink:

I am building a taskmanager for me with tiddlywiki.
For showing me not always immediately all 1000 tasks at once, I combined it with a multiple filter (filtering by checkboxes for tags) and with the details widget from @telmiger (1 for overdue, 1 for due-today, 1 for due-tomorrow and so on…). The filtering with the checkboxes is made with <<filter>>.

Above the displayed title of the details-widget I tell myself, for what I am filtering at the moment with ''<$count filter=<<filter>>/>'' Aufgaben für <$text text=<<filter>>/>.
This is then shown to me like this f.e.:

Alle 7 Aufgaben für [suffix[ask]tagging[]!tag[StVorhandenNein]tag[T.Düngen]search:title[]] +[sort[title]]

. But this is almost not readable, especially not on mobile. I would like to have it shown like this in this filtered case: Alle 7 Aufgaben für tag[T.Düngen] or even better like this Alle 7 Aufgaben für Düngen.

Is this possible? And if yes, then how???
And maybe, it could be even possible to transclude it inside the details-title (where originally is “>Details” shown, instead of showing it above that?

You can experiment with all the relevant tiddlers here: Testwiki

I’ll give you virtual beer :beers: or flowers :sunflower: or what you like for helping me with this - thanks a lot!