Shiraz Subplugin Update: Text Formatter and Snippets

Shiraz is a small framework to extend the Tiddlywiki basic features. It has a wealth of macros, styles, tools, etc.

There was complain that, Shiraz has too many features and one may not need all of them, so I thought developing subplugins allow users to select among different feature sets and install the ones they like.

Here I am developing a sub plugin to add editor toolbar for some basic text formatting like

  • text color
  • text background color (highlight text)
  • change case
    • to lowercase (this is a test)
    • to upper case (THIS IS A TEST)
    • to letter case (This Is A Test)

Here is a screenshot


The plugin will be published soon. Stay tuned!

Side note: All kookma plugins are in pure wikitext, except Commander and Refnotes (each uses a simple JS macro).


@Mohammad looking good. Perhaps you can check of your tools work behind the editor toolbar more dropdown?.

  • I have a made a few editor toolbar buttons myself recently and the toolbar is getting quite full.
  • At some point I can see the value in a few more “named” alternatives to the more dropdown so we can organise buttons into suitable groups, eg a format button for buttons like yours demoed above.
    • I have in the past created an additional toolbar settings page in Control Panel > Appearance > Toolbars, for this purpose.
    • There is also the advantage that in a dropdown you can see a text title for the button which can help “disambiguate” similar looking button icons.
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Very nice!

Is there a way for the user to edit the provided highlight and text colors in the drop-down menu?

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Yes of course. Two color tiddlers (one for highlight/one for text) allow you to simply write your color (name, hex code, function rgb/a-hsl/a,…) in any order you like

I hope to release the subplugin this weekend.

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What do you think about having a color picker in the drop-down?

It is possible! I just want to have the simple UI with less cluttring!
One can adopt it from

Shiraz Formatter is released. See Shiraz Plugin Update 2.5.4 - Plugins - Talk TW (

Code and demo


Text formatter button

Shiraz snippets

See for details: Shiraz Formatter 0.1.0 — editor buttons and snippets for Shiraz

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this button is missing(but seems still work)

For me it works.
I tried on TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook first install Shiraz and then Formatter!
Give a try on and let me know the results.

For your convenient I have attached the KPL.json (706 Bytes). Download, drag and drop on and install plugins fromn KPL.

After reinstalling, everything works fine (weird)

It works also not for me (same as @oeyoews)
Test on


Hi Stefan,
Please install using KPL.
Drag and drop also works now!

Hello Mohammad,

thanks - now it is working! Very nice! :+1:

Shiraz Formatter just got a new update

Code and demo

You may like or dislike Formatter, so you can go to code page and give your feedback.

Release 0.5.0

  • Sep 25rd, 2022
  • [FIXED] titlecase works on all capital words
  • [FIXED] issue in displaying color buttons when install plugin by drag and drop from demo
  • [FIXED] improved docs

Special thanks to


  • Highlighter has an undo actions, this is a TW feature
  • ctrl+click opens the color tiddlers, so you can customize colors for highlighter/text
  • shift+click and alt+click applies other highlighters in Shiraz

Thank you Tiddlywiki! You are so rich and flexible!


Thanks for the fixes! And also for informing me about how the color-removal already could work. (I’m not surprised that there was already a solution – even if some users would not realize it.)

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Hi! Very useful feature. Love it!

It will be more convenient to have a shortcut to highlight a portion of selected text in edit mode.

Perhaps it’s already possible.

In this case, may I have the procedure to follow? Thanks!

There is no shortcut to apply text highlights using Shiraz formatter now.
But it is possible to add.

Great! It will be a useful feature. I use it a lot (phase distille in Tiago’s Forte Second Brain). Thanks.