Sharing a solution: Dynamic table for tag nodes (even if virtual / missing)

Since it’s buried in discussion elsewhere, I’ll highlight this tip here.

Make any tag automatically display a useful spreadsheet-like overview of its tag “children” and their fields — even if the tag tiddler is missing (or maybe it exists only because you’ve played with its list order):

Feel free to play with the quick-demo

This solution requires Shiraz dynamic tables. I can’t say enough good stuff about this tool.

Maybe you already know it can give you a dynamic set of rows based on a filter condition. But maybe you didn’t know that it’s also smart about which columns to display (and how to handle different columns differently, etc.) Of course, you could hard-code a view template that would duplicate this kind of dynamic table. But for my part, I’m happy not to rebuild the wheel that has been so refined by @Mohammad

Other details of my implementation: this template is set up within the cascade to display only if there is nothing in the text field of the tag (which includes the case where the tiddler is missing :wink: ) . Obviously, you can change this condition. But if I actually create a tiddler for a tag node, it’s usually because I want to offer a more specific overview of content under that tag, in which case I no longer want this generic utility overview. Still, for 90% of tags (at least for wikis that don’t face a naive public), what I want is just this: a powerful overview of what lives there.

(Apologies for redundancy if something like this has already been posted as a thread before.)