Sections & Markdown

Note: @arunnbabu81 , @Mohammad

I thought I’d see if I could add markdown ability to Mohammad’s Sections Editor. I used the code from github which I assumed was the latest. I thought if it worked I would submit a PR. I think I made fair progress, but apparently 1.1.1 had a bug (?) in it causing the preview to drop below the edit box. The current (fixed) version is apparently in the Demo (1.1.2), but I think it’s been uglified, so it’s hard to know where the changes were.

So I’m not sure where I’m going with this now. I could just release a stand-alone version that people could use – if there’s interest. I think it’s usable if people don’t mind the split-preview.

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Do you need each pain to be 49% width? so they will align horizontally?

That’s a good thought and I’ll keep it mind. But I think in this case there is a bunch of misplaced code between the upper and lower panes. Just not sure where that’s coming from.

Ok, I found which tiddler was errant.

You can test the functionality out here and see what you think:


Thanks for your efforts @Mark_S . I got time to check the demo wiki only …i will install it in one of my notes wiki and give the feedback

Note that it isn’t packed as a complete plugin. So you’ll need to drag and drop these over :


as well as the section plugin itself.

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I did testing with two of my note tiddlers and it was working fine. Do you plan to pack it as a plug in?
Will this work with section TOC plug in ?

I’m thinking of making a PR so it can be part of Sections. But there may be a performance issue at scale, since it uses wikify to apply the markdown. I’m waiting for the code to be updated at github so I can see if my code will be compatible.

Not currently – the use of “!” is pretty much embedded into that. Maybe later.

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@Mark_S I think sections was updated in github this week. Did you take at look at it ?

I made a PR: Add ability to use markdown in sections. by Marxsal · Pull Request #38 · kookma/TW-Section · GitHub