Searching the highlight plugin

Hi to All,
I searched Talk @Tiddlywiki, however i did not find a suitable answer for my request:

I want to install the highlight plugin, but at
only shows a page with 404 error message.

I want to install the plugin for documenting my FORTRAN code.

Where I can download the plugin and how to install it ??

Please advise.

best regards, Bapak Ireng

Can you try again? Perhaps there was a temporary glitch. I can see that page just fine.

But also, from your wiki, you should be able to add this from the Plugins tab on the control panel.

No need to search! Just open your TiddlyWiki

  • Go to $:/ControlPanel
  • Open Plugins tab
  • Click on Get More Plugins button
  • Click Open Plugin Library
  • Select any official plugins including Highligh.JS
  • Save and reload your wiki!
    That’s all

You may find these Wikis helpful

Thank you for your advice. Now the URL in question can be accessed, without a problem.
Ok, will work on the subject tomorrow.

Thanks & best regards, Bapak Ireng

Ok, i installed the highlight.js plugin successfully and the appropriate FORTAN style sheet…everything is perfect now for documenting my FORTRAN Sources.

Again, many thank and appreciations for your valuable comments and advice.

Best regards, Bapak Ireng


Thank you very much for your help in setting up the TiddlyFor Wiki for immediate usage.
Some of the nice formatting enabled by !!.greencls and others I would like to use in my other wikis as well. I imported all plugins from TiddlyFor., but I missed some tweaks to enable the formatting options.

As Well i would like enable the Content option below the search bar.

Pleas advise which switch i have modify to enable your nice formatting options.

Many thanks in advance.

best regards, Bapak ireng