Sagecell in Tiddlywiki

Hello everyone,

I learned a lot of things from this friendly forum and I want to share my hack of making Sagecell ( work in Tiddlywiki.

There are many great websites that use sagecell. See for example, this linear algebra website (scroll down to see sagecells). I was hoping that we can do this in Tiddlywiki as well. Together with KaTeX plugin, one can easily create an interactive sage-enable e-book!

After a bit of googling and trial and error. I got it to work. You can see my tutorials here:

I hope this might be useful to some. (You can configure sagecell to run python code or other languages.) I use it everyday with my class.

Please note that I’m not a developer (and I know nothing about javascript). So my implementation is not perfect. I was hoping by sharing what sagecell can do, some great developers might take an interest and turn it into a proper plugin. Then I’d be more than happy to use :slight_smile:



Hi @Pak - amazing! Thank you for sharing!
I am very surprised to be able run Python (and maybe Fortran) in Tiddlywiki!

Thank you!

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Wow! How did I miss this?
I’ll have a play. Good work!