Resume / Curriculum Vitae Edition: Plan for First Prototype

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I have created some prototypes for creating CV. The code name for now is cv-builder.

First prototype

  1. Create a new tiddler
  2. tag it cv
  3. save tiddler

NOTE 1: A viewtemplate is used to render the tiddler tagged with cv

  1. A create button will appear
  2. On click a modal window will open
  3. All settings for this CV can be set through this modal window
    6.1 Settings will be saved in corresponding fields in cv tiddler

NOTE 2: Several resume/cv templates is supported. One can set one through setting per cv tiddler

Sidebar has several category tabs:

  1. Personal data (including contact data)
  2. Education
  3. Experiences
  4. Skills
  5. Certificates
  6. Language
  7. Skills
  8. …

There is a button on each to create a new record under that category

NOTE 3: Every CV can have all date (categories) or some can be excluded. Each category in the CV can have all records or one can exclude some of them

Important: In one TiddlyWiki you can have: several different CV/Resumes. One can have a CV in several different formats (themes are supported)

What else do you like? Give your thoughts, features you like (just to collect idea no guarantee to implement)

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I was just pondering use of the “button >> modal form >> tiddler” pattern for another use case I have in mind… :slight_smile: .

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Some of kookma plugins are used to facilitate the job and create a CV in a simple to use way such that a newbie can create professional CV in few steps in TiddlyWiki

  • Refnotes is used for generating publication section
  • Shiraz is used to beautify the output

I welcome contribution on all parts, but I call for help in creating css to print CV as pdf.

If interested I also wrote my Resume/CV in TiddlyWiki: — A blog of personal quality


Much appreciated @sukima. I absolutely learn from it.
Clean format and the print button with CSS suitable to export to pdf or print on the paper.

Thank you

Some notes on Print to PDF that may help

I have successfully generated tiddlers with a document like layout, then with open in new window, ctrl-p print to PDF I got decent outputs.

  • There is one aspect that is difficult, setting page breaks, especially for variable length content.
  • You can use a media statement for print @media print to display content only in print and use css to “break after” and “page break after” and you can.
  • I found tables are the best for variable content because they can break automatically, including not breaking mid row, and repeat headings, but this is not always want you want for non-table data.

I will be preparing a resume now, so I will be living through it :nerd_face: now!

If you build multiple resumes, even over time its worth capturing them in a way you can clone and edit for a new release. As a result being able to Shapshot a resume as included in a particular “job application” is helpful to allow a permanent record, even once the underlying details change. My Shapshot tool could help here.

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Interesting. I also had to do this. I used the same TiddlyWiki to offer two versions. Or were you speaking to something else?

Golly I even went so far once to write an Interactive Game that was my Resume. :man_facepalming:

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  • What are your two versions @sukima view/print?
  • With over 30 years of IT experience I have too much for any one Job application, and almost insanely Resumes supposed to be somewhat brief.

A matter of clarification is a "Resume/CV summarises your skills and experience and is normally bundled with a “cover letter” to form an “Application”.

  • Sometimes one resume is insufficient for every possible application, sometimes you need to add/emphasise or remove something from your “Standard Resume” before inclusion in an application. This is more so the longer your career in a specific field.
    • This is why I may have more than one “Resume”, some with subtle differences some with more substantial changes. Eg I could apply for a number of different roles out there.
  • yes, Back on TiddlyWiki Classic I wrote a “Dynamic Resume” which was an interactive Resume as well as a generator. It seemed to me the future of resumes but now robots or unqualified people cull applications, and you don’t get the opportunity to show off to the employer if you get culled.

Of particular note here for the development of a Resume / CV edition
We need to also consider @Mohammad that now a lot of jobs are applied for through another service and there “Quick Application” processes such as is available in Seek and LinkedIn to name a couple.

  • This means such an edition should also facilitate access to your records such that it helps populate such “online resumes” as an alternative to a printed or digital resume in a application.
  • This also strengthens the argument of a TiddlyWiki to act as an evolving repository of work experience and skills so we can respond to any future job application processes.
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This is quite common! so, any solution shall have feature to generate several CVs/Resumes based on some filters and also create frozen versions through a button (hardcod in a tiddler)



I promised earlier to share this but got waylaided trying to figure out JSON and out how to integrate with really cool . I haven’t yet finished those things (and welcome help with those) due to the slight mismatch between my resume structure and theirs and figuring out the filter-magic to export arrays in JSON fields.

But rather than delay more, I will share what I have, such that it is, in the hopes that it will help some folks here or at least seed some ideas on how to handle the “ballooning experience while tailoring resumes to 2 pages” problem. That was definitely the itch that I was scratching with developing this for myself.

My Job Finder Tool is here: /Mike — my personal projects worth sharing

Of note:

  • Just dragging the “Job Finder Tool” tag over to another TiddlyWiki should import everything (I caught a few dependent things that were not tagged properly in exporting this to my site so please let me know if you catch anything else). It shouldn’t transfer the silly examples since records built with this tool don’t get tagged with “Job Finder Tool”. That might be important for your future upgrading/backup.
  • The start of development of this was more than 8 years ago (while I was unemployed) using TW widget options available then. TiddlyWiki has gotten much more flexible and capable since then and I have not updated this tool to take advantage of some of the new functionality. So some things may be clunky due to that … or due to my lack of knowledge … probably a 50/50 split.
  • I added some very simple Application and Time Management tools in there since I found that was a very important aspect in job hunting.
  • I structured things to include both Duties and Accomplishments and the latter are meant to capture STAR-method bullets ( ) that I have found really effective in both interviews and resume-building.
  • Downloading of resumes is a dumb un-formatted text dump right now. I hope to get it into the JSONResume format ( Schema — JSON Resume ) some day but, as I mentioned above, that might require some restructuring and skill-building. If you want something semi-structured, use the pop-out window button and cut and paste into your editor of choice.

Hello community!
A year has past since @Mohammad published this thread.
Has there been any progress here I missed.
I think, building resumes is an ideal usecase for TW.
Seeing the state of this project we need some css-wizards to accomplish this.
Especially wizards with @media print {.superpowers {:wink: }} willing to wrap this witchcraft into a plugin.

A vero.

Right, It is certainly true that CVs are become more important.
And TW can do them.

ONE THING … on the “magic” side … give a method to check the wizardry is WHITE magic (kosher), not BLACK (false CVs).

Just a comment

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Hello @Jan
Well, I did some effort and created a plugin called Negar!

It uses a TiddlyWIki approach to create a CV. The idea is as below

  1. Every record is a tiddler, (so you have a tiddler for a course you passed, a tiddler for a certificate, a tiddler for a degree, a tiddler for your basic information, …)
  2. Every CV/Resume is a well arranged set of records (tiddlers) all presented in a nice format (based on a template, also called theme)
  3. There is Resume Builder (use filters to put together selected records (tiddlers)
  4. In one TiddlyWiki you can have several resumes side by side, because they are based on separate standalone records
  5. It support creating Academic CV and Non-Academic or professional one

You know, One CV Is Not Enough
TiddlyWiki Negar allows to have several CV, or create a new one in a second, when you have all your records (basic, education, experiences, certificates, courses, skills, awards, …) in a TiddlyWiki
You can add new record, once you have it :wink:

If you have the kooka plugin library (you can download from GitHub, or from Talk forum), you can install Negar! (see

I need a few days to complete it (docs, examples, templates, record types,…). Of course, it works in the current state, but has some simple theme and common records.

I hope I can have free time this summer and publish it!

Best wishes


Sidebar menu

Part of rendered sample CV

Sample record (this is for basic record)

Sample record (this is for education)

Sample record (this is for project)


I would highly welcome any type of contributions:

  • to make more record types
  • to create themes (e.g. templates)

Themes are very important here, so I really appreciate if you can contribute in this part.

Hi @Mohammad, this sounds great, can you line a demo?
The idea to use it for the online-presentation of multiple CVs is great.

  • I did some research on opening different stories based on a the url.
  • It seems usefull to hide the sidebar, toolbars and tiddlercommands etc. when opening it.
  • And just show a login screen to edit them when you enter with a special url
  • I think here it would be especially cool to build special css/themes together, for example your timeline-designs could be great here.

Thank you for your feedback. Yes we can think about an online reader/author mode and hide every unnecessary element in reader mode mode.
Once I can form it as a GitHub repository, I will push a demo.
I also tried to follow JSONResume partially!

Hi @Mohammad, this is the tiddler, that performs the startup according to url in my wiki.

$ _plugins_JJ_pagestage_StartupActions.json (2.8 KB)

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i would like to assist in testing / feedback / of sample plugins.

Please keep me updated.

regards, Bapak_ireng

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I’d like to add add a link o your own wiki:
This could be great for a cv if it was possible to format the dates a little more cv style like
Aug '23 - Jan '24 for example…