Relink v2.3.0 has some brand new tricks

Now Version 2.3.0

Introducing Relink-Fieldnames! Since TW v5.2.0, we’ve been able to use any string for a field names, which has given us the possible design choice of having a tiddler correspond to our field names. This turns out to be a useful design, but Relink couldn’t handle that, until now.

As usual, it’s fairly customizable, but there isn’t too much to do. It’s the smallest of the supplemental plugins.

Introducing the Filters! Relink has always had filters under the hood. People have been using those despite the lack of documentation or support. But now they are both documented and supported. relink:references, relink:backreferences, relink:report, and relink:orphans. If you were already using them, don’t worry. They all work the same.

Introducing the Relink Missing and Relink Orphans “More” Side panel lists! They’re there if you want them. They’re marginally more useful than that “Missing” and “Orphans” lists that core TW supplies.

Introducing better performance! If you thought Relink made your TiddlyWiki lag while you were editing titles, it’s better about that now. Relinking (and scanning for relinks) is still an expensive operation, but the indexer is better about caching and reusing when it can.

Edit: Forgot to say, all of this is available on the Relink demo site: Relink — flexibility when relinking renamed tiddlers


…and I’m assuming this plugin is located in the same place?

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Right. I should have mentioned. Relink-fieldnames one of the supplemental plugins. It’s available through the demo site, or the “Add more Plugins” Relink tab in your own TiddlyWiki, assuming you’ve got Relink installed.

Edit: Should have included the link to. I see now that’s what you were getting at.


Total aside: I wanted to thank-you for your nicely maintained release notes.

This may seem silly to most, but keep in mind: ADHD over here compounded by easy sensory/cognitive overload

And sensory processing disorder: I feel the slightest things that seemingly nobody else experiences.

That includes unnecessary weight/sluggishness, which nobody else would ever perceive at all, but annoys the daylights out of me.

Your release notes make it easy for me to find the lightest version of relink that does what I need, does it correctly, without the extras I don’t need.

I usually get a specific version of something from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. If there is an easier/quicker alternative, please point that out !

I would be an extremely unhappy camper without Relink. I would otherwise be incessantly caught in paralysis by analysis over tiddler naming, and I can’t have them kind of sticks in my wheels and my wheels stuck in the mud.

So relink enables constant forward momentum with quick and easy, iterative and incremental, tiddler title refactoring as elucidation of needs/domain/whatever happens. Totally fits my processes.

The short of it: damned fine work and I immensely appreciate it.


Sounds like you have similar problems like I used to have. I built Relink because I’d spend so much time fretting over my naming conventions. I’m glad my plugin has helped solve that problem for other people besides me.

I usually get a specific version of something from the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. If there is an easier/quicker alternative, please point that out !

If it’s open source, I’d think you could more easily get specific versions off of github. I guess that might involve building your own release though.

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Yeah, Github and I don’t get along all that great.

I kind of like going to the Wayback Machine because I get to experience the version of Relink with the version of TiddlyWiki of the day, release notes of the day, and whatever else related of the day.

The snapshot is nice. The javascript errors (related to the TiddlyWiki instance running from the archive) not so much, but I can usually ignore them.

Updated to version 2.2.0 via Relink — flexibility when relinking renamed tiddlers

How do I update the Relink Library?


Libraries didn’t update correctly with push. Fixed.

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Man these filters are so much useful. Just now I had to add a tag to all the tiddlers transcluded in my “Synopsis” tiddler.

I used [[Synopsis]relink:references[]] in the @Mohammad’s Commander plugin to bulk add the tag.

Such a time saver! Thank you all for making our lives easier.


For those interested, Relink v2.3.0 just dropped which covers a lot of cases that it didn’t before, such as filter operator suffixes. Also Relink-Fieldnames now relinks all the cases where a fieldname was being referenced, whereas before it was only updating the field.


I swear this is possibly the most substantial plugin made for tiddlywiki, thanks again @Flibbles