Recommended Mustache custom delimiters?

I am using the Mustache template library to process tiddlers that are in the .tid format.

The standard ‘{{’ ‘}}’ delimiters obviously need to be customized to work with tiddlers.

What would be the recommended custom delimiters to use so as not conflict with WikiText?


Maybe you could use (( )) ?

Or do the same thing than the katex plugin:


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I think you may be confusing Mustache with MOustache?

Meanwhile, a temporary response …

Screenshot 2023-01-18 201359


If you will very rarely type them, then I’d recommend avoiding “standard” delimiters because there’re scarce as it is. There are several UTF-8 brackets that you can’t find on the keyboard.

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The example they gave at your link '<%', '%>' look good to me.

There has been some discussion at GitHub that we may use ((, )) for the core filters. So I would not recommend that one.

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Thanks @pmario . That’s what I have been using. A majority of the time am substituting into data-tiddlers that are imported to the wiki - so not a lot WikiText markup in them.