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I’m looking for a way to display a quote of the day on my main tiddler. Well more specifically, an anything of the day. I can’t figure out if there is a way to get it to update each morning. Does anyone have any ideas?

From where should come the quote ? Do you have a list from which you need to pick a quote at random each day, sort of like what minecraft does for its splashscreen ? Should a quote appear on a given day ?


Here’s a possible solution, depending on your requirements:

quotes-count={{{ [subfilter<quotes>count[]] }}}
day-of-year=<<now dddd>>
quotes-index={{{ [<day-of-year>remainder<quotes-count>] }}}
quote-of-the-day={{{ [subfilter<quotes>zth<quotes-index>] }}}



The quotes are in the field “list-of-quotes”, the order is not random. Each quote will be cycled every day. The downside is that it will cycle trough a list of max 365 quotes, since it’s based on the number of the day in the year.


Another option is to create a startup action on each new day and cycle trough the list if the day is greater than the last day when the list was cycled:

\define startup-action-new-day() 
<!-- In a tiddler with the tag  $:/tags/StartupAction and the field list-of-quotes containg a list of quote separated by linebreaks -->
<$action-setfield list-of-quotes={{{ 

<$list filter="[{!!modified}format:date[YYYY0MM0DD]match<now YYYY0MM0DD>]" variable="ignore">

Then display the quote:


That’s really good :slight_smile: I didn’t mention how I was making the list as I was generally wondering how to make something happen daily. This should work great. Out of curiosity, how would you make these work with random quotes, instead of sequential ones?

Here’s a thread from the old Google Group with several approaches to randomized display.

saqimtiaz has made a shuffle filter operator, I think it would be appropriate for this use: Demos — Q&A and tools for tiddlywiki

Well after quite a bit of help, and a lot of searching around, I got this properly working. So anyone that wants a working quote of the day tiddler, here:

Quote of the Day.tid

I’ll also leave this here, for anyone wanting to gather some quotes

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