Question: Retain History of Changes with Explanations

For documentation in engineering (or other fields) I have seen a revision table like this

Date           | By     | Remarks
Feb 12th, 2016 | Jeremy | The SI units were used 
Jun 19th, 1998 | Xavier | The initial draft

How can I have this with our tiddlers?

See also this example: Open Library Covers API | Open Library

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See TiddlyTools/SaveChanges and TiddlyTools/SaveChanges/Info:


  • Substitute for standard “Save As” button in sidebar
  • When clicked, opens a modal dialog for entering optional “ChangeLog” text
  • Use the [+] button (lower right corner) to automatically get a list of changed tiddlers (excluding system tiddlers)
  • Text is stored in $:/state/ChangeLog with datetime stamps using YY.MM.DD.hhmmss format
  • ChangeLog can be viewed/searched directly from modal SaveAs dialog
  • CTRL-click on SaveAs button to bypass modal dialog and perform standard TWCore save action

Also, if you define a global macro named <<reset_config>> (in a tiddler tagged with $:/tags/Macro), it is invoked just prior to saving the file (unless CTRL-click is used). This lets you automatically restore any changed settings you want, so those default “startup” settings will be saved in the file. See and for examples.



Wonderful as always!
Thank you, Eric!

You’re welcome! I’ve been using TiddlyTools/SaveChanges for quite a while, and I find it invaluable for tracking changes and remembering what I’ve done… especially if a bug is found (!), and I need to backtrack through previous revisions to figure out when the bug was introduced.

Also, on, in the “Welcome > Summary” tab, if you click on the “TiddlyTools was updated on …” text, it will display a popup view of the $:/state/ChangeLog, including controls to search, copy, or edit the change log contents.


Thank you! I tried it, and it is quite useful.
It is a must have tool! I started using it to my own wikis :wink:

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Hi @EricShulman, I’m presuming this works with node.js installations as well?

TiddlyTools/SaveChanges uses the tm-save-wiki message to perform the Saver action.

I haven’t tested it with a node.js installation since I always use TiddlyWiki with the single-file “standalone” configuration. However, it’s my understanding that node.js installations use a different method of saving, so I wouldn’t expect tm-save-wiki to work there. Even so, all of the “change log” handling (i.e., getting log input and updating the $:/state/ChangeLog tiddler) should still work, since it occurs prior to sending the tm-save-wiki message.

The only way to know how it works with a node.js installation would be to try it and see what happens.

Let me know how it goes…