[Question] Memo writing into itself?

So, I was browsing through some of the discussions here, and started to wonder, is it possible to create a memo notes type box like the one discussed here but instead of needing to be saved to a separate tiddler, could it be saved within the same tiddler, in it’s own section?

For example, lets say I have a profile page I’ve made for someone, and there is a tab in it that opens this persistent memo box to jot down notes on that specific person, is there a way I can set it to save the text within the tiddler inside a <div id="notes"> and the memo writing to <a href="#notes"> ?

Sorry if that doesn’t make much sense, but figured I’d ask!

Edit: I guess I should clarify the reason I’m asking is, rather than having it save to a field in the tiddler where it’s a single line, having it within a div in the tiddler would allow me to go into it and read it in it’s entirety.

In answer you your first question/Paragraph, Yes

Yes the edit text widget with a field name
<$edit-text field=notes tag=textarea rows=20/>

  • You will need to a fiddle a little to resize it.
  • Display it in the currentTiddler/View template with <$transclude field=notes mode=block/>

Of note however is this new field will appear in the field editor in edit mode, if you edit there it will loose its line breaks.

  • We can use the same method that hide fields like created/modified from the editor
  • Create a tiddler named as follows with the fieldname at the end
    • $:/config/EditTemplateFields/Visibility/notes with a text field of hide
    • it will no longer appear in the field edits

There are other related tips like

  • Add the field to the edit mode hint the tag $:/tags/EditTemplate containing your edit-text widget
    • how to edit with the editor toolbar buttons available

I did something very useful for development previously, in this unpublished package edit any tiddler and create the field local-viewtemplate. local-viewtemplate.json (5.0 KB)

  • Now you will see the resulting multi-line field.
  • The local-viewtemplate is rendered only on tiddlers containing it.
  • Look at the tiddlers in this package for code to hack for your own use.


Ok, that, is really cool- I’m going to be playing around with this for a bit, thanks!