Query: Where are the brilliant Shulman wikis on links.tiddlywiki.com?

I’m often trying to find @EricShulman’s miracle code/wikis after the fact.

I had assumed all his stuff would be listed on links.tiddlywiki.com but apparently not???

Well they wont be listed until a community member decides to bookmark them for inclusion on Links.

If anyone wants their wiki with bookmarks added to Links, they only have to ask here on the forum and provide the URL of their wiki.

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I has a few on the Toolmap: TiddlyWiki toolmap - Dynalist

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Most of the big-name developers have their own link presence. Hadn’t noticed Eric’s was missing.

Most everything that was in community resources was loaded into links. Which suggests that if they’re not in links they’re also not in community resources. Checking the toolmap, I see there are only two posts that mention Eric, and they lead to google posts. There might be more posts under Eric’s url, but alas, I don’t remember what that is at the moment. . There’s several links that lead to tiddlytools.com/timer.html. Also on links. If you were looking for Time & Info, Calendars, alarms, timers, clocks you would have come across it.

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In TW-Scripts 106 solutions are belong to Eric Shulman! [statistics date 2022.01.12]
From Sidebar > Cyclopedia > Responder
type Eric Shulman!
Some of them have links to Eric resources!

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@Mark_S & @Mohammad, thanks for your comments & suggests …

This is where I got to following your leads …


FilterGenerators — TiddlyTools: "Small Tools for Big Ideas!" (tm)FilterGenerators – that gives brilliant practical insight into … Search Filters: link / Tag Listing: link / Cloud Maps: link

It's About Time! — TiddlyTools: "Small Tools for Big Ideas!" (tm) – ​It’s About Time! – The ultimate toolkit for handling time in TiddlyWiki!

AutoScroll — TiddlyTools: "Small Tools for Big Ideas!" (tm)AutoScroll – Innovative & useful system for scrolling Tiddlers.

There is also the online book – InsideTW – I won’t give the address for that 'cause it is not meant for free distribution.

Are there other wikis you are aware of?

TBH I’m not sure if @EricShulman wants listing.
Maybe he will comment, yet?

Best, TT