Query: Using Tiddlers As Musical Notes?

The fundamental architecture of TW is ace (superb; flexible; infinitely corrigible).

I been thinking about making a TW where each normal Tiddler is a musical note.

Could be great for composition.

And help as a piano tuning aid.

Anyone done that already?
Any pointers / thoughts welcomed.


Store them as MIDI note numbers. Add tags for instruments that can (in normal circumstances) be used to create that note. Write static filters to list all the notes playable by piano, violin, guitar, etc…

You might find this useful:

(If you find a better resolution copy of that image, DO let me know!)

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Interesting idea,

I would be more inclined for notes to live in tune tiddlers with a range of notes in instrument tiddlers.
One may even just have 13 notes in multiple octaves

All depends what you want to do with the data

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I have done this before, use zx plugin in TidGi can run code in the terminal, which can be used to execute GitHub - alda-lang/alda: A music programming language for musicians.


We can also wrap Alda web workspace as a plugin to play it without zx plugin!

As recommended in the zhihu in other answer.

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Why not allow tiddlers to be phrases, easily strung together with transclusions? I could imagine all sorts of fun with alternate paths through a set of phrases.

Have you seen the plugin by @BurningTreeC for ABC music notation? Here’s the demo link: TiddlyWiki Musicscores — a non-linear personal web notebook

I set it up and learned my way around a bit – just enough to get “Happy Birthday” set up with a bass guitar (figuring out how to specify the bass clef took a bit of a dive into ABC documentation).



Thanks all of YOU for very helpful comments.

FYI, in my mind was the fundamental architecture of TiddlyWiki.

I was trying to find some cases where it gets OBVIOUS that TIDDLERS RULE.

Music looks like one of them?

What came up (correctly) was a basic musical issue: do you musically work in “notes” or “phrases”? Good one! Phrase or note could work in TW. Choose your “unit”.

To UNITISE (“Tiddlerise”) at the correct level (for the specific use case) matters to practicality.

Point IS in TiddlyWiki we can EASILY make “THAT TIDDLER UNIT INTO MINE.”

WHAT a Tiddler consists of is a VAST open expansion-ability.

My points: TW is…

  1. … UNIQUE, in being built from the ground up like it is.

  2. … difficult to understand how RADICAL it IS.

  3. … WE should get better at promoting what it uniquely can do with ease.

Rant off