Problem add Context menu to Soren Bjornstad's tzk

Hi. I am trying out Soren Bjornstad’s tzk.
i am trying add a content menu.
It seems that it does not work in tzk.
Lik in TiddlyWiki original I decided to call my Content menu ‘Box’ because its no real Conent menu.
In reality I add tabs for content-menus.

Antway, the code I used is the same.
I tried disable all his plugins, but to no change.

Tittlebar: Box
Tag: $:/tags/SideBar
list-before: $:/core/ui/SideBar/Open
Code: <<tabs "$:/core/ui/TopBar/menu menu1 menu2 'more' 'menues'" >>

I am impressed of his introduction video. And I believe I understand that the point is to more use the tag group. But my question is about the technical reasons why I am not able add context menu.

Lets let @sobjornstad know.

@Sweptr tzk has some extra configuration settings on top of tiddlywiki’s: You’ll have to select it to show in this tidller: $:/sib/gui/SidebarTabSelector. You can find more settings in $:/sib/Tools.

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Thank you.
With that info I was able create a context-menu.
I also see that I have to tick that box if I change the name of my contents-menu , or if I create a new one,

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