Prince and twitter?

Any one remember when Prince changed his name to a symbol?

As a result we call called him “previously named Prince”.

A lot of people are struggling with twitters name change to X but I discoveded its simple to call it;

X twitter

Pronounced ex-twitter, much easier and meaning full than a single letter and will undermine thier attempt to rebrand and escape the concequnces of Musks influence.

People have been referring to it as Xitter on Mastodon.

I wish broadcasters and publishers would quit saying " ‘X’ formerly known as Twitter". There’s no reason to do free work for a billionaire. You either know what it means or you don’t. If you don’t, all you have to do is google “X”.

I am happy for them to call it ex-twitter. I think it selfish for them to think they can take over a letter of the alphabet, google at least made use of the word alphabet.

It seems to me like using a pseudonym, because you were “run out of the last town” due to bad behaviour and bad faith.

I dont want them to escape their history.

…and managed to gloss over their misspelling of their name, googol (10^100).

Good thing too, otherwise we would confuse doing a search with “10^100” which we use all the time :nerd_face: