Presenting: ScrollBack - after closing, navigate up instead of down

So, say you’re waiting in line to sit in Santas lap. Suddenly, the dude in front of you is eliminated. Now wouldn’t it be better if you got to step forward in the line, instead of the dudes snotty kid having to go backwards?

YES, EXACTLY!!! And the similarities to a tiddler river is striking. We clearly think alike! This is why you will like:


ScrollBack improves the navigation behaviour after a tiddler is closed or deleted via its toolbar buttons.

Problem: Normally after a tiddler is closed/deleted, the tiddler underneath is pulled up to fill the empty space in the story river. This tiddler is often arbitrary so you lose your context.

Improvement: This plugin instead scrolls to the previous tiddler in the story, which is often a tiddler that the closed/deleted tiddler came from. Therefore, this tiddler is likely relevant so you stay in context.

I have used this functionality for years and it is absolutely superior to TW’s default behaviour. Try it out in wikis that you use a lot. Rather soon you’ll see how much better this behaviour is and you’ll wonder how you ever put up with the old behaviour.


Yes! This usually isn’t an issue in my files, but whenever I get on, I wish it worked this way. Sometimes I would scroll down to see a default tiddler, then would want to close that tiddler to move back up to the tiddler I opened at the top, from search, and instead, closing the default tiddler where I was would just move the other default tiddlers up. Very frustrating.