Presenting: OverWrite - modify shadow tiddlers freely!

YES! Vacations so I can finally get to work!

Here comes a timely release that I advise you to check out before you upgrade to TiddlyWiki 5.3.0. The TWaddler proudly presents…

        The OverWrite plugin ~ modify shadow tiddlers freely!

As you know, you are normally advised against overwriting shadow tiddlers because if an update modifies the shadow, then the overwrite may no longer perform as expected - possibly even doing very nasty things.

The OverWrite plugin targets this problem by alerting you :bell: when overwritten shadows have been modified in plugin updates, so that you can investigate the overwrites and approve, modify or delete them.

This is a pretty big deal as you can now feel a lot freer to modify both plugins and the TW core!


Aha, now I’ve even locked up the site so you can actually visit it! Wow!

I added a demo so you can see how it behaves.

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Upgrading from TW. v5.2.x to v5.3.1 I got into some trouble because of overritten shadow tiddlers :unamused:

Advanced search showed 74 overritten shadow tiddlers :smirk:

Your plugin helps to identify critical tiddlers and makes it easier to handle the situation :+1: