Presenting: I'm reading - a tool to track and stimulate your reading

There are only two types of people in the world;
Book readers and Book not readers.

…and then there’s the rest of us, who kinda read but there’s just always something else that comes in the way and, besides, I must see if there are any new posts on talk.tiddlywiki…

Therefore TITS (the Truly Intellectual TWaddle Society) are proud to present the ultimate tool for the wannabe book worms:

I’m reading ~ a tool to track and stimulate your reading

If you already have a “book TW” then this probably integrates pretty well; it just requires the book tids to be tagged Book. That’s it, but there are also some optional features for “genre tags” and an author field.

I can personally attest that this plugin works in the real world: I read in a real book for 30 minutes yesterday! My head is still spinning. Man, this is a good.


@twMat CSS suggestion:

Remove the width:400px from class span.imreading-popup. When the <textarea> is resized, the <span> will resize with it.




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EDIT: I’ve solved it. Update probably coming tomorrow. Note that it is safe to start using the plugin anyway because no user touched tids are replaced when updating the plugin.

(pre-edit message below)

Much appreciated! I agree I need to change something but just removing it causes problem when dates in the right columns (e.g December) are clicked:

Changing it into min-width:400px is an improvement but the best design would probably be if the popup could have the same fixed distance from the underlying tiddlers left and right edges, making it have a fixed width and horizontally fixed position. I’ll see if I can figure this out over the next few days. Again, thanks for input.

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UPDATED as per discussion above :grinning:

Win10, Firefox, if it matters.

Doh! :confounded: I’ll have a look over the weekend. Thanks :smiley:

@CodaCoder - after a quick look I’m wondering why people would want to expand the editor like that? I could see the case when the width was limited to 400px but now that it is expanded as wide as the table I’m thinking that it is not really needed, and the simplest solution is (by far) just to disable the editor expansion feature. Do you personally have a need to expand it, also now that the editor is as wide as the table?

Do this or equivalent in your css:

textarea.imreading-notes {

No. I only tried it because the resize handle is there. Remove it and you’re good.

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UPDATED - the only significant change is the removal of the resize handle in the notes editors, as discussesd here above.

Updating does not affect user added books or ticked dates, etc.

Thanks for input @CodaCoder