Prefix operator bug or documentation error

If we read the doc, !prefix[fu]] is equivalent t !regexp[^fu]] (leaving aside case sensitivity).

But it is not, fo [[]!prefix[fu]then[OK]] does not produce OK but [[]!regexp[^fu]then[OK]] does.

Except in the case of a tiddler tagged with $:/tags/ViewTemplateBodyFilter where both hae a void output.

I think it would be better to raise issues at GitHub for problems like this one: Issues · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub

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Is this equivalent to [all[] ?

If so I can experiment with more confidence, keep in mind prefix came before regexp in tiddlywikis history abd if there is subtle difference it is with regexp most likely.

  • What about [[]prefix[fu]else[OK]]

It says for [all[cat]] “Unrecognised categories contribute nothing to the output”. so is this what an empyy all does?

Both produce OK for me when tested in Advanced Search:


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No. It’s an empty string.

[[fiver]] [[four]] [[thr]] [[tw]] [[o]] [[]] :map[length[]] 
<!--                                      ^--- empty string --->


5 4 3 2 1 0


@vilc You’re right! How have I been tricked by myself here?

And now I can see there is no prlem with the $:/tags/ViewTemplateBodyFilter either.

A day where my performace is too poor. I’d rather call it a day as far as TW is concerned.

So I thank all of you for your help! May you accept my excuses too for the whole lot!

Here is a simplified tag filter that is working: