Plugin name space for FileUploads plugin

What namespace should be used for this plugin?

As a result of having started out as an intended core plugin, the FileUploads plugin uses the namespace $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/file-uploads.

However, with the decision to keep this plugin outside the core repository for greater flexibility with release schedules and backwards compatibility concerns, this name space is no longer appropriate. Neither is the $:/plugins/sq namespace that I use for my plugins as this is a community supported plugin via OpenCollective.

There has been a suggestion from Jeremy to introduce a new namespace such as $:/plugins/collective for this category of semi-core plugins.

@jeremyruston @pmario @joshuafontany et al. , I would like input on this as it is holding me up as I try to wrap up and wind down from this round of work on the FileUploads plugin.

(I am also a bit unsure if this post is better suited to the Developers category, please feel free to move it if it is.)

I would be OK with $:/plugins/collective for plugins, that have been partially financed with open-collective.

In a second step, it would be nice if it would be in a “team-repo” as part of the repo.

Hi @pmario, thank you for taking the time to provide input on this.

I too think the namespace $:/plugins/collective would work as long as we don’t associate it too strongly with OpenCollective (OC) but rather with the idea of something community driven organized in an official capacity. We may one day want to use other mechanisms than OC to drive such work.

I completely agree. It makes me somewhat uncomfortable having this in my personal repository in the long run. We may also want to have someone else from the community work on other aspects of the plugin, which would be a lot easier if the plugin was in a shared community repo. I would be happy for the code to be moved to a different repository, or to transfer ownership of the repository.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that using a shared community repository will only work with the intended current goal of a quicker development and release cycle if the person charged with the work has permissions to push code to that repository.

I’m still happy with $:/plugins/collective/, but we could use $:/plugins/commons/ to avoid any misunderstandings about the word “collective”.

I really like this idea. It gives us an opportunity to explore more permissive ways of working together than the main TW5 repo.

Hi @saqimtiaz
Thank you for this wonderful plugin!

I also have a suggestion $:/plugins/collab
The phrase collab comes from collaboration!
I really wish to have such plugins come from some collaborative works!

I quite like this, it conveys the necessary meaning while having less of a chance for misunderstandings than use of the word collective.

I’ll update the code to use the new namespace once everyone that is interested has had a chance to have a say, and then we can transfer it to another repository once there is a firm plan for that.

I like it: $:/plugins/commons/ it is even shorter :wink:

Yea and since TiddlywikiDotOrg is an organisation now, we are able to create different teams with different rights to read - write - merge and so on.

The TW main repo could be moved there too (in a third step), without the need to share any rights with other teams.

And the TiddlyWikiLinks repo too if there is going to be some clean up :wink:

TiddlyWikiLinks is its own GitHub organisation, primarily to get another GitHub Pages account. That’s going to be the limitation going forward: we will use the GH Pages account of the TiddlyWikiDotOrg organisation for the top level page, and so we won’t be able to host TiddlyWiki5 there because it needs its own GH Pages account.

That’s not how GH Pages works. You can have unlimited GH pages for repos in any organization.

There is a default top level organization GH pages, but for other repos you just need to set the DNS appropriately.

I can help with this :wink:

It sounds like they’ve improved things, it didn’t use to be possible.

I was thinking about the code repo only. IMO the build process can send the finished “product” to any other page, where it has write access to. The DNS setup can happen there. …

As Boris wrote, there seems to be improved possibilities now. … I didn’t have a look at this topic for quite some time now. So I also didn’t know.

Fantastic idea @saqimtiaz, and I like how the namespace has evolved. I agree with $:/plugins/commons/ as a great candidate. :slight_smile:

Please note that there is a new beta release of the FileUploads plugin and associated sub-plugins that now uses the $:/plugins/commons namespace.

The code for FileUploads plugin can be transferred to a communal repository as soon as there is a firm plan for it in place.