Performance: Can You Boost A Local Browser?

On the local machine I have software that handles 700 images in a couple of seconds.

In a browser using TW it takes about 2 minutes.

That is NOT a TW issue; it is a browser issue.

My question, for tech folk is: is there a way to improve browser performance (locally)?


What do you mean by “handles 700” images? It displays 700 images? Do you have compound eyes?

There’s an official plugin called dynaview that claims:

* CSS classes that allow rendering to be deferred until the output is scrolled into view

So presumably if you could set that up correctly, the browser would only render what you actually have scrolled on screen. That should make the perceived time be faster. Maybe.

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Lol! Na. I just loads them ready. Unless I wanna see a “shot sheet” when they are there already.

I’ll give DynaView a go.

Tx, TT

If you are loading external images, you could set the loading attribute of the image widget to “lazy” to enable lazy loading. I guess this should improve performances ?

Good tip! Thankyou

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